10 Astonishing Reasons that You need an eCommerce Mobile App

If we say that eCommerce is the greatest invention of the century, the statement wouldn’t wrong. As time is flying day by day, everything is being changed, and emerging with the new form, the same implies to eCommerce. Online purchases are becoming more popular among people. Relying just on the website could hurt your business […]

If we say that eCommerce is the greatest invention of the century, the statement wouldn’t wrong. As time is flying day by day, everything is being changed, and emerging with the new form, the same implies to eCommerce. Online purchases are becoming more popular among people. Relying just on the website could hurt your business going for an eCommerce mobile app can lead you to find a way that will uplift your business to the sky. 

10 reasons that your business needs Mobile eCommerce app – Intelvue

80% of adults in the United States have

If we talk about statistics, stats say that more than 90% of US citizens have mobile phones. More than 80% of adults in the United States have smartphones. So, if everybody is leveraging this device, then why not you? 

Most of the potential customers or targeted audience is on the smartphone. If your business is not being appropriately approached on their favorite device, then some other eCommerce mobile app owner will cash your audience into his pocket.

If you want to cash your audience into your account, then you have to adapt to this change. Your eCommerce website can’t handle your potential audience without an eCommerce mobile app. The eCommerce wind will let you know where it will be gone in the future.

Building a mobile eCommerce app is necessary if you want to run your business for the long-term. You need an eCommerce mobile app because:

1. eCommerce Mobile App is on Trending

The sales of smartphones are surging day by day, which is adopted by the eCommerce sector.

Your sales metrics will tell the consumer behavior from which websites they are using to buy your products. You will be amazed that most of your targeted audience will be using tablets and smartphones for purchasing your products.

According to research, the majority of eCommerce sales are taken out of smartphones.

Mobile eCommerce app is posied for more growth
Courtesy by statista

And this is not the end of the story; more than 70% of eCommerce sales will be carried out through smartphones. Isn’t it shocking news? Shocking news in that sense that because you don’t have an eCommerce business app for leveraging your valuable clients, and you are inviting your foes to take over the market and cash your hard work.

If you think that are your potential customers are ready to buy products from mobile phones? Consider this scenario. One of your consumers wants to buy his favorite shirt from your website. He/she will feel more convenient to use mobile instead of opening his computer to be started that takes some minutes. Think to have an optimized mobile app for your customers will save those minutes, and yes, it worth a lot.

Even if your customers are on the bus, train, or anywhere else where the presence of a laptop or computer is not possible, mobile commerce will make the buying process more comfortable and convenient for your buyers.

Mobile commerce will be the leader of the eCommerce world. The shopping apps are surging day by day. If your eCommerce business will not carry a mobile app, then it would get entry into the new world.

2. Mobile Apps are All-Time Favorite of Your Customers

If you are getting eCommerce sales without having a mobile app. We consider your statement 100% true. If you are satisfied by looking at your data insights that without having a mobile app, you are doing well, then, believe me, you are just seeing the surface of the eCommerce web.

A mobile-friendly website is the basic need of every online business owner. If we look at the stats, 90% of people demand a more aesthetic website version as compared to its desktop version.

If your site is delivering a lousy experience, your 88% of consumers will give you a massive bounce rate, and it’s too dangerous to handle. A good website should have 2 secs or less loading time.

The mobile-friendly website would be the first step that will lead you to generate more eCommerce sales from smartphone users. But if we look closely at mentioned below statistics, then it will give new insights.

Most of your audience (around 70-75%) would choose a mobile eCommerce app to buy a product rather than a mobile website.

So, if you are selling 1000 t-shirts per week, almost 70% wants to buy from your mobile app. And these are your old buddies (customers). So, think about how many audiences you are neglecting just because you don’t have a mobile application.

Preference app vs mobile site
Courtesy by rubygarage

So, if you are an eCommerce business owner and don’t have a mobile app, you are hitting your business by yourself. Think about it.

3. Better Conversion Rates

Numbers are the real elements of any business. Better conversion rates mean better business. If you look at the image as mentioned above, it is crystal clear that the app is owed to the race.

There is 286% more chance for users to view more products than websites and 85% chances to add the product to cart, and last but not least 23% purchase chance in the mobile app. isn’t enough to carry mobile eCommerce app?

More conversion rates cash more dollars, and mobile apps drive better conversion rates.

4. Improve Marketing Communication

Considering a mobile app for your eCommerce business wouldn’t disappoint you but give you more thousands or millions of bucks.

The mobile application is a dream of marketers that can give those millions of bucks. If you are succeeded in improving your marketing campaigns, then you are able to achieve more sales, revenue, and all and all. 

Not every of your customer won’t purchase anything every day or every week. Then you will need to spend millions of bucks on your marketing campaigns to engage your customer. But with a mobile app, Push notifications can help you a lot in order to communicate with your current or prospective customers.

The customers mostly open push notifications as compared to emails. The probability of click increases by 40%. It’s a very effective way to collaborate and communicate with your customers.

Social Media Platforms

If you are targeting your audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others, this process takes many steps: seeing your company’s advertisement, navigating to your website, and then get these customers to convert from these platforms.   

What’s Wrong with Email Method?

The same implies to email. First, your customers need to sign up to get the latest updates, then they need to go for the message, then they will reach your website.

Go with Push Notifications

Push notifications will make the process easier for your buyers. Naturally, it will leave a pop-up notification on his/her phone. When the user clicks on it, he/she will directly be diverted to your app, and your mobile application will do its magic. 

5. Increase Average Order Value

As we discussed that a mobile app enhances the user experience and gives better conversion rates. But the story isn’t completed yet; it also helps your Average Order Value AOV. 

Browsing from mobile apps helps the user to easily buy their products as if we compare this to the website. Your consumers have better opportunities to see your offers. 

Studies show that having a mobile app will return you a higher average order value, then desktop screens and mobile browsers.

6. Your customer Demands Personalization.

Reaching the target audience with the right things at the right time could be crucial in the eCommerce industry. If you are not paying attention to give more personalization to your customers, the good days will end very soon.

An eCommerce mobile app brings your customer to another world of personalization. With the help of an app, you can track user behavior, interest, purchase history, and other things through which your customers will get a more personalized way to buy your products.

More than 60% of customers demand a tailored experience during online shopping. And this figure has been triggered by 58% just in two years. So, personalization is on Trending.

7. Grows User Loyalty

If you want to increase customer loyalty, then spending money on the customer loyalty program would benefit you.

An app that permits its users to check their status within a program in real-time. A loyalty program encourages customers to spend more bucks to get their next reward.

Example of Customer Loyalty Program

Let’s suppose you put an offer that whoever purchases five times from an app will get a 50% discount on his/her 6th purchase.

Or another example could be that whoever will spend 1000$ per month will be rewarded with some rewards. 

Psychologically, this program appeals to more audience to buy something even they don’t need that particular item very much. Still, because of this fantastic offer, your customers will do some shopping from your app.

8. Decrease Cart Abandonment Rates 

Shopping cart abandonment is the main challenge for eCommerce industries. But why it is freaking problems because:

  1. Extra money like taxes and shipping – 50-60%
  2. Lengthy checkout process – 40%
  3. The website had technical issues – 20%
  4. Must have an account to proceed – 37%

E-commerce mobile apps decrease friction in the process of checkout. When a user purchases some product, his preferences are saved in the app settings.

The more steps will be contained, the higher they will face the issue of abandonment. As you reduce additional steps from this process, you will automatically gain more customers quickly.

9. Excellent Customer Service

75% of retail customers demand outstanding customer service to be retained for the long-term. So spending money on improving customer service will make you achieve the extra mile.

So keep in mind customer service when you are going to design an eCommerce mobile app.

So, the question arises, how to improve customer service? 

To address this problem, you can provide live chat support to your customers so that your customers can communicate with your company, which would lead to enhanced customer service.

Allowing your consumers to track their orders from the very beginning can also be an excellent example of improving customer service.

10. ECommerce Mobile App Boosts Retention Rates 

 Retention rates refer to a specific period of time, is the company able to retain % of customers over that time? Generating sales is the target, but it doesn’t tell the complete story. What I am forcing you to consider is how many of your eCommerce sales are being generated from the same consumers?

Studies show that 38% of users get back to a mobile app of your eCommerce business ten times after they download it. And there is a high probability that they will purchase during these visits.

If you are not getting new users back, then push notification to their mobiles to get them back. Mobile sites or desktop sites will not allow you to avail of these opportunities.

End of the Story

The article summarizes that you have a mobile app for your eCommerce business to attract more sales, new users, and golden opportunities.  

Here’s a recap of our whole blog:

  1. Higher Conversion rates
  2. You will get customer loyalty.
  3. You will see higher retention rates
  4. Reduced abandonment rates
  5. And many more

No one can ignore this fact that everyone loves mobile phones, so you should have to do this. So who will help you to create an eCommerce mobile app? We will help you to build one for you at the best price. 

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