5 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Menu Page in 2021

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Menu Page in 2021

Think about the days, where restaurant owners showed only food items with some brief description and some silly buttons. Now look at the modern restaurant websites, these simple, aesthetic, and comprehensive restaurant websites have superseded these old and silly restaurant websites. 

Is the Online Menu necessary for Your Restaurant Website?

Think about restaurants that don’t have a dine-in facility, you just take your meal and eat it at your home. Sounds silly? Right? Well, the Online menu does the same thing; it makes your website more worthy, eye-catching for your customers; your customers can make orders rather than calling at your mobile or something else; that looks odd in this contemporary world. 

You have to bring new ideas, innovations, modern features, and robust options to your website to make it more accessible, compelling, and eye-catching for your clients.

Beat Your Competitor’s website with these best WordPress Restaurant Plugins 

But what if your competitors have a compelling and eye-catching restaurant website, how will you compete with them? What choices are left for you to stand out from the crowd? Well, these 5 Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins will help your WordPress restaurant website to shine on the spot. 

WordPress has everything for your Restaurant Website

No matter what business you are involved in, what products you have, WordPress has the power to give you all things that you want from any CMS. Amazing restaurant themes, compelling restaurant plugins will give a brighter look to your restaurant website and brings you countless traffic, leads, sales, and customers.

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In this article, we will reveal 5 Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins that are enough to give you countless traffic and sales. Let’s dive into the topic and finds top WordPress plugins for the restaurant menu page.

Here is the list of 5 Best WordPress plugins for Restaurant Menu Page

  1. FoodPress
  2. Restaurant Menu
  3. Food Menus
  4. Store Hours Manager
  5. Single Page Restaurant Menu for WooCommerce

1. FoodPress

FoodPress WP Restaurant Menu Plugin
FoodPress WP Restaurant Menu Plugin – Image Source Google

If you have a restaurant with a dine-in option then FoodPress will be an amazing addition to your restaurant website. Giving your clients a dine-in option, it also enables your clients to view your menu and makes online order.

 FoodPress is one of the best WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Menu Pages you should definitely go with it in 2021. Standard menu layouts, category-based menu, all these features, and options make your hands more powerful.

Do you know almost 2500 clients all over the world have bought this plugin for their websites? Isn’t enough insights to push you to use this plugin?

5 Outstanding Features of FoodPress 

  1. FoodPress has a simple, aesthetic, and minimalist menu layout for you.
  2. It will provide additional data fields.
  3. You can customize font icons.
  4. It gives you an amazing option of “Online Reservation System” (visitors can use to book a visit).
  5. You can change the appearance according to your needs.

2. Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress
Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

The restaurant menu is another best WordPress plugin for restaurant menu pages. It has the ability to integrate with your café or restaurant smoothly. You can manage your restaurant menu by your admin dashboard.

With Restaurant Menu plugin, you can easily create a categorized database for your menu with prices and your customers can make easy and quick orders with restaurant menu plugin. 

The management of the menu item of this restaurant menu plugin is moderately broad. Each meal or product can be selected categories and tags just like a post. You can even enter the ingredients in the meal. These features can benefit you simply vegan, label vegetarian, and gluten-free options for your users before they favor your establishment.

Say thank you to the incorporated eCommerce skills, you can sell drinks and food online on WordPress (PayPal and Cash on delivery methods are integrated for free).

With the MotoPress WP Restaurant plugin, you can display your menus in pages, posts, and sidebars, which makes it easy to make the plugin look excellent in any WordPress theme.

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3. Food and Drink Menu

Food and Drink Menu is established its reputation very well in the market by giving easy to use features, minimalist and aesthetic UI, and very well organized back-end for creating menus. 

If we talk about its installations, more than 10,000 users have activated this plugin with 5-star ratings. These shocking facts and figures are saying something that this plugin has something to be considered for your restaurant or café website.

It completely supports WPML to give you a feature of multilingual websites. Search engines will give you some additional search rankings because your menus will be well-optimized for Schema.org rich snippets.

4. Five Star Restaurant Menu – WordPress Ordering Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin
Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin – Image Source Google

Simply and instantly generate a fashionable, responsive restaurant menu for your website, and also arrange a restaurant menu ordering system in a matter of minutes. With the user-friendly menu builder, and the incorporated layout and customization features, you’ll have your menu set up in no time.

Holds the Gutenberg restaurant menu block! You can also utilize the helpful restaurant menu shortcode.

Five Star Restaurant Menu is very easy-to-use and comes along a comprehensive guided setup (walkthrough). When you install this plugin, the setup will run and assist you to create your first restaurant menu!

Five Star Restaurant Menu accompanies the capacity to make separate cafe menu segments. This permits you to partition a menu into different parts, making it all the more clear for your clients. You can even incorporate a note for an area (for example “All things in this area accompany serving of mixed greens or fries.”).

Five Star Restaurant Menu Comes with Amazing Features

  1. You can create countless restaurant menus & menu items.
  2. Food ordering during admin-defined hours, using a sidescreen cart.
  3. You can add unique food pictures and food prices.
  4. It supports Schema.org menu URL when using Business Profile.

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5. Single Page Restaurant Menu for WooCommerce

Single Page Restaurant Menu for WooCommerce
Single Page Restaurant Menu for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Single Page Restaurant Menu plugin is developed by Intelvue to display all menus along with categories of WooCommerce on a single page along with a powerful and editable cart sidebar. There are several options for managing UI.

10 Amazing Features of Single Page Restaurant Menu For WooCommerce

  1. Single Page Restaurant Menu List
  2. Inline menu options using variable products
  3. Editable Cart
  4. Responsive multiple layouts
  5. Ajax Loading
  6. Manage Primary Color
  7. Set Location [Pro Version]
  8. Page Restriction [Pro Version]
  9. 10+ layouts [Pro Version]
  10. Typography [Pro Version]

Plugin Settings of Single Page Restaurant Menu for WooCommerce

  1. Login to WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Goto SPRM Settings from the left sidebar
  3. SPRM Page (Required) = Select a page where you want to display SPRM content
  4. Top Banner (Optional) = Upload a top banner. Ideal image size would be 1600×300 or 4:1 ration
  5. Top Logo (Optional) = Upload a logo to appear after the top banner. Ideal image size would be 180×180.
  6. Primary Color (Optional) = Choose a color which enables you to update the page primary color. E.g buttons, and links colors
  7. Skin (Optional) = For now, we have 3 different layouts to choose from the layout. See Previews
  8. Hide Product Image = Hide product image from list item of SPRM
  9. Menu Limit = Limit number of items under each category. Add -1 if you want to print all menus

 Final Words

There are millions of restaurants from where your consumer can make the order from. As an owner, you don’t have enough choices or options. Giving more and more options, features to your customers means you are creating new choices and that’s amazing.

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