5 Reasons Your Business Needs its Own Mobile App

5 Reasons Your Business Needs its Own Mobile App. Check out these reasons and get a mobile app for your business. In just under ten years, mobile application development has reached a threshold and exceeded Web applications in terms of usage. Customers use mobile apps to chat with friends, browse the web, shop online and […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs its Own Mobile App. Check out these reasons and get a mobile app for your business.

In just under ten years, mobile application development has reached a threshold and exceeded Web applications in terms of usage. Customers use mobile apps to chat with friends, browse the web, shop online and manage their bank accounts, spending an average of three hours a day on their cellphones.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs its Own Mobile App – Intelvue

For businesses, a mobile app is a great way to grab the attention of their customers and keep them interested in their products. The mobile application developers are in high demand and businesses around the world are eager to launch their first application.

The development of business applications is therefore experiencing unprecedented growth and it is high time for business executives to realize that a mobile application is not a luxury, but a necessity.

You may think that developing an enterprise application is a long and expensive process that pays off in the short term. Why invest in a product that most customers expect to enjoy for free?

For a sceptic, nothing is as reassuring as a few solid and coldly established figures. If you’re trying to figure out if it’s worth it to have your own business app, the numbers below may make you change your mind.

1. Free Applications are Surging

According to TechCrunch, A record 204 billion apps have been downloaded in 2019, up 6% from 2018 and up 45% since 2016. The main reason for such an increase is that companies are producing more free apps by generating revenue through purchases through built-in features and other business models that come into play after downloading.

Free Applications are Surging
Free Applications are Surging

 “Freemium” models, integrated purchasing functionalities and advertisements on mobile devices are the main sources of revenue for businesses.

If your competitors offer a free app with indirect benefits, it’s likely that your customers will be tempted out of curiosity. While this may seem counterintuitive, exceptionally well-developed profitability methods to generate income.

2. High Mobile Performance

A few years ago, loading web pages to mobile took a lot of time. Since then, portable devices have improved and websites are loading faster, but these devices are even slower than mobile applications.

High Mobile Performance
High Mobile Performance

It takes an average of 19 seconds to load a mobile website, which is still far too long for today’s limited attention span.

By comparing business apps to mobile websites, it is clear that you will have a much better chance of capturing the attention of your customers with a mobile app.

That said, a well-designed mobile site can help engage customers. Sites that load in 5 seconds instead of 19 seconds have 25 percent more ad views, 70 percent longer average duration sessions, and 35 bounce rates lower.

3. Each User has 50+ Apps on Average

The average user installs more than 50 mobile apps but does not interact with all of them. Forty active apps is a large number, and while you might think that users spend more of their time on larger apps, this is not always true.

Customers are constantly looking for ways to improve their lives, and if a company finds a way to fix it, they’ll stay connected and your app won’t end up in the trash.

Therefore, an important step for the proper development of an enterprise application is to get users to not only download your application but also to use it.

4. Proven industries

Social media, communication, gaming, and retail are four of the most popular areas for enterprise app development. Business applications are also at the top of the interest list of business executives because they touch on essential and driving elements of the business such as generating income through close contact with the customer.

It is true that a large part of the popular applications belong to the big brands, but the newcomers still have enough scope to shake up the “status quo” and gain ground on the specialized markets.

You don’t have to replace Facebook, but you can capitalize on this model by focusing on the needs of your customers. Based on the success of social media apps, we can conclude that users like to connect, share and communicate.

Gaming apps allow users to have fun

Gaming apps allow users to have fun, and this is an easy way to keep them glued to the screen. The retail successful applications must offer fast and personalized services to be appreciated by your customers.

Each company must ensure the smooth turnover of its team of commercial agents. Sales teams have always been essential for business growth, but now more than ever sales representatives need to stay connected with customers and be able to do a great job wherever they are. .

With such pressure and need for focus during business meetings, it helps to have a support tool that offers business tips and tricks on the touch screen.

A commercial application with an interactive video presentation can convince a customer much faster than a long and boring introduction.

When all of a company’s documents and contacts are stored on a database in a mobile app, sales representatives will have useful and more reliable information at the right time. Commercial relations are an essential argument for the development of business applications and a subject that deserves major investments.

5. For Millennial Generations, Apps Dominate Mobile Websites

95 percent of the time you use smartphones happened on mobile apps. In addition, the use of mobile applications is increasing by 6 percent per year. Even if you might want to start with a mobile website, your strategy in this area should clearly focus on producing a good app.

Think of the millennial generations: the success of your app could depend on something as simple as designing an icon – 21 percent of these users deleted an app for the sole reason that an icon did not work well on their home screen.

On the positive side, the millennial generations represent the widest client base and a very engaged audience, and they are also more ready to pay for an enterprise application development.

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