These 6 Reasons will force you to use Chatbot in your Real Estate Agency

Why Real Estate Agency Needs Chatbots
Why Real Estate Agency Needs Chatbots

Do you know real estate industry is one of the top 5 industries who is getting 28% more profits by incorporating the chatbots in their daily-basis real estate activities.

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Why Real Estate Agency Should Use Chatbots?

The growing digital world has raised consumer expectations of brands, and today they expect brands to communicate at regular intervals by providing the right information.

Indeed, real estate agents could find it difficult to satisfy all of their clients’ needs at all times. But thanks to the rise of Chatbots, they can now provide the correct information at any time offering a reliable and secure service. 

Be it a real estate agent or a customer, real estate chatbots have come up with proven results. The real estate agencies who incorporated chatbot technologies to streamline their daily-basis real estate activities have seen a massive boost in profits, sales, leads, and user experience.

Why don’t you use chatbots to boost your sales and conversions? More want reasons why as a real estate agent I should incorporate chatbot for my business? Let me allow to tell you 6 astonishing reasons why real estate agencies should use chatbots.

6 Reasons Why You Need Chatbots in Real Estate

  1. Immediate response to your customers
  2. Start a conversation in advance
  3. Collects information for you
  4. Schedule the visit of the property
  5. Improve the marketing campaign
  6. A complete visual tour

1. Immediate response to your customers

Chatbots are always online. Therefore, no matter what time of day you receive an inquiry about a property for sale, your chatbot will be able to reliably provide the customer with the information they need 24 hours a day.
It is a very handy tool as it can handle all kinds of questions and is one of the best options outside of business hours. A chatbot can resolve any concerns to the visitor, while the real estate agent is not available. Real estate agents can also configure automatic responses to make them interact the way they want.

2. Start a conversation in the advance

A chatbot can start a conversation in advance with the visitor and interact with him while asking and answering a certain number of questions. A chatbot can quickly and efficiently provide relevant property information to the visitor.

3.Gather information

Every time a visitor has a conversation with a chatbot, they will be collecting information. A Chatbot has the ability to create a lead while collecting information in the database for the real estate agent.

For example, if someone is looking to buy or sell a property, your Chatbot will ask for a location preference, type of house, number of bathrooms, among other things. All this information can be analyzed by the real estate agent for future marketing campaigns.

4. Schedule the visit of the property

At the end of the conversation, a Chatbot can also provide information about the real estate agent assigned to the property in question and make a request to schedule an appointment.

You will make a note of the preferred date and time and notify the real estate agent. In case the chatbot is unable to answer a particular question, it will easily direct the inquiry to customer service or a sales representative who can serve you quickly.

5. Improve the marketing campaign

A Chatbot can intelligently request and request information from the visitor and can also indicate some action to take such as subscribing to the newsletter or filling in the corresponding contact form among other things.

This information can help improve the marketing campaign of real estate agents.

6. A complete visual tour

The Chatbot is capable of providing all kinds of information about any property.

One of the extended functions of a Chatbot is that it can show a video of the property in question and allow the visitor to walk around the property immediately.

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