Artificial Intelligence: Its Advantages In Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been the talk of the marketing world for a few decades. In the tech world today, it has become the trendy buzzword! It is immensely adopted and, with its influence, is gigantically changing the way marketing firms work. With the advantages this futuristic technology offers, marketers can hugely stimulate businesses.

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Besides transforming the technological world, AI is also epically influencing the marketing world. Back in 2021, people invested more than $75 billion in marketing for the first time ever – That’s Such A Stupefying Figure! Well, this number isn’t going to stop here. Since all businesses, whether small or large, have started to realize AI’s value, it will see more growth.

The way consumers respond to and interact with marketing messages is transmogrifying. Now, it’s becoming increasingly a bit difficult to successfully market products using traditional means such as media advertising.

Now, technology has invaded the marketing industry. AI is stunning everyone with its latest innovations. Globally businesses are leveraging its benefits to speed up their tasks, identify the audience, enhance customer experience, and improve personalization, which ultimately drives conversions. It has got what any commerce venture would be desperate for – The brilliant ability to analyze users’ data to attain useful insights! This significantly helps marketing professionals make better decisions.

Years ago, most marketers wasted their time humming and hawing over AI strategies’ implementation in their businesses. Nevertheless, they also began to change their notions bit by bit when they witnessed companies escalating by using AI.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The stimulation of human intelligence processes by a system or a machine, especially computer systems, is known as ‘Artificial Intelligence‘. The same job that is possible with human assistance is executed by implementing AI in a system. Computer systems perform the same tasks with more efficiency and speed.

The goal of AI is to design systems or machines capable of performing cognitive functions. The ability of these machines to process like humans increases as soon as they gain access to sufficient data for identifying patterns.

Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s Chatbots or Self-Driving Cars, AI has now become indispensable. We see its continuous rise, daily. With the ceaseless development of algorithms, AI products are becoming more efficient and sagacious.

AI can be a game changer in powering social media campaigns. What if we told you that AI inflates productivity by 40%? Digital marketers who have fully jumped on board are availing of its perks. Numerous trendsetters and marketing strategists admire this technology for monstrously leveling up their revenues. Renowned brands, such as Amazon and Alibaba, use AI for marketing and generate excellent outcomes in the form of high product sales. And if you, too, wish to give wings to your business, then using AI for it might be the option.

AI technology will soon dominate the marketing industry. Hence, marketing experts need to understand its worth to keep up in the marketing world. Still, some marketers doubt using AI-driven marketing. If you’re also one of them, then our blog’s next part will surely help clear your dubiety.

Advantages Of AI In Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, AI has boundless advantages that’ll offer you a competitive edge to reach your target market. We’ve explained the most common ones thoroughly so you can grasp them with utmost ease. Let’s uncover each benefit meticulously!

  1. Improved Personalization

When Netflix utilizes data to study your preferences for giving supremely-customized content recommendations, that’s personalization. Personalization affects a business’ success mightily. Although one-to-one personalization might be good, it is not scalable. In contrast, personalization with the help of AI won’t require you to learn anything regarding each user’s preferences or interests. AI technology predicts customer behavior on the basis of intelligence learned from past interactions. It uses data from a customer’s history to estimate future outcomes.

Almost everyone knows that Amazon and Netflix offer tailored recommendations when you sign in. Over time, these recommendations have become impressively refined and staggeringly precise, especially for users with long-standing accounts since they’ve accumulated a lot of data. Both use predictive analysis to understand users’ preferences and provide recommendations accordingly. For example, Netflix, a streaming service and production company, uses it to suggest shows. Besides, Amazon also uses it to recommend products.

Let’s suppose, you bought a printer from Amazon, so don’t get surprised if print cartridges and paper start popping up in your recommended products. Amazon records everything, from product browsing history to devices you’ve used for downloading ebooks or watching movies. It then uses this data to generate product recommendations.

  1. Customized Marketing Messages

In this modern world, direct mail and media marketing have become somewhat less efficacious. Now, customers don’t respond to them as effectively as they used to. It is because all they want now is convenience. They want brands to tailor messages based on their location or interests. They’re more likely to interact with personalized marketing messages.

Using AI to keep an eye on your audience’s preferences or behaviors could aid you in getting a better understanding of how to entice them the most.

  1. Understanding Audience & Predicting Future

Predicting the future has always been a perilous task for almost every company. This is the reason why most companies have high budgets. And that’s where AI plays a vital role and does the job better than humans. Companies now can analyze whopping amounts of data much more quickly than humans.

On top of that, it will have a tremendous positive impact on sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction. Once you’re able to predict customers’ buying behaviors, you can send them highly specified marketing messages and avail the best chance of a sale. Using AI, your sales team can focus on the most valuable leads instead of devoting their time to inactive ones. This accelerates sales and reduces the time and resources that you might spend on tasks such as sales page optimization, manual lead scoring, retargeting leads, etc.

A company can produce products that will generate high revenue if it can scrupulously anticipate every customer’s buying behavior or decisions with the help of AI. Based on the trends, predictive algorithms provide marketing experts an insight into what’s coming next, so they can make informed decisions. AI’s intelligent software uses information and statistical models to anticipate a person’s future decisions based on past choices with unexpected exactness.

  1. Tracking Content Success Right Away

When we integrate AI within a website, it will help track the potency of its content in the audience. It simply means that a person using digital marketing for his business can promptly watch the outcomes and modify his next strategy. Digital marketers will concurrently observe contrasting results of several postings with different material. Then they can organize the outcomes and estimate, study, and juxtapose them. This enables them to identify the least effective content and promote the most fruitful one for the users, saving time.

  1. Targeting Users With The Beat

There’s nothing surprising in targeting users with particular ads on the basis of their gender, age, occupation, and location. But targeting them on the basis of what they were looking for at that moment sounds crazy! AI gives you the advantage of real-time marketing. It helps you reach your potential audience at just the right time when they’re most likely to be interested in your word. This highly benefits marketers as they’ll be able to reach the maximum audience based on their wants and needs rather than estimating what might interest them on the basis of their demographic info.

  1. Integration Of Customized Customer Service Chatbots

Digital marketers add a Chatbot function to their websites to assist customers with frequently asked questions. Any visitor would be happy to see 24/7 customer support on your website that provides instant replies anytime. It could save you valuable time from responding the repeated inquiries time and again. Moreover, it shrinks the workload. Integrating an AI Chatbot markedly cuts down customer service time and workload and appreciably boosts customer service.

Some organizations have now started using Chatbots to handle frequent consumer queries and respond real quick. They are programmed to give fixed replies to FAQs and to transfer the conversation to a human agent in case the query is fairly knotty and needs a more personal response. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant are some common Chatbots. They are replacing human agents in the customer support role.

You won’t need to hire an extra team for dealing with queries. Besides, unlike humans, machines don’t have a bad day; you can count on them as they will respond more courteously than humans.

  1. Dynamic Setting Of Pricing

Offering discounts is a great way to speed up sales. AI plays an integral part by dynamically setting the products’ prices to maximize sales and gains. This depends on appetite, user profiles, availability, and other factors.

One good example of dynamic pricing in action is the website This site records the prices of Amazon goods gradually. For each product, there’s a graph that demonstrates how much the cost changes with respect to season, consumer demand, and other factors.

  1. Provides Finer User Experience

Marketers often encounter the challenge of achieving more sales and conversion rates concomitantly with user-friendly sites and apps. However, when you focus more on your UX, you’ll get benefits on both sides. Most probably, users will enjoy interacting with your brand for longer if they have positive experiences with its front-facing technology. Based on customer interactions, you can also use AI to adapt UX automatically.

In digital marketing, using AI lets you reach your potential audience. You are able to deliver the appropriate content to your targeted audience. This gives customers a chance to find what they wish, leaving them gruntled.

  1. Determining What Content To Create & Spread

For some marketers, it’s kind of hard to scale up their content. They find it tough to streamline content creation and handle distribution. AI makes this job a lot easier for you. By keeping tabs on the emotions in your posts on social media platforms, it comprehends your personality. This enables it to personify your company’s mission and vision to produce content that is in tune with your audience and sounds quite like you.

AI helps you discover your highest-productive content, repurpose it, plan for future content, and circulate it across all your site’s mediums.

  1. Refined Content Delivery To Retain The Audience

One of the biggest advantages of AI is delivering refined content on social media that elevates engagement. AI anticipates identifying potential users and the most felicitous content at the most effectual time. With the constant provision of appropriate content to users, you can escalate your business’ success.

There are times when customers become unhappy and start disengaging from your business, indicating their likelihood of leaving. That’s where AI exhibits its worth by delivering tailored content to allure and re-engaging them using ‘Churn Prediction‘ before it’s too late. You can also introduce personalized offers or promotions at scale via AI.

  1. Nimble-Witted Advertising On Social Media Platforms

AI is helpful in finding out a customer’s stage during a purchasing process. When customers decide to buy, it detects it and may send them time-sensitive ads that urge them to take action straight away to make good use of a limited-time offer. AI pops up your enthralling ads at more opportune times. For example, Facebook uses AI to determine users who might take the desired action.

  1. Content Generation Using Ingenious Tools

Content generated with AI might captivate visitors to your site. Plus, it may save you plenty of time and money. Currently, companies are using innovative tools such as Articoolo, QuillBot, and Wordsmith to create stories and news based on data, which leads them to get clicks on their sites.

Today, with automated content software, it has become a lot easier to produce reports, news, and stories in a wink, compared to a human writer, who may take hours or days. Stylist magazine published 3 articles that were automatically generated with Articoolo. This use of AI quickens content production and makes it magnificently efficient. It permits marketing experts to scale up their content marketing.

By now, you must have got a decent view of how AI bestows businesses in digital marketing with! It’s all right if you haven’t started dabbling or welcomed it for your business yet. Initially, it can be daunting to invest in a newly introduced technology that relies on complex concepts.

Closing Thoughts

Today, the internet world is rapidly advancing and demanding AI inclusion in marketing strategies. AI helps create personalized experiences for users. In addition to transforming the traditional way of marketing, AI has helped to enhance its whole process.  Marketers must devote their time and resources to implementing AI-driven strategies to accelerate business growth. With the potential benefits that Artificial Intelligence brings, businesses, especially marketers, won’t be left behind, for sure, if they start hunting its opportunities now!

In a nutshell, embrace this futuristic technology by leveraging its incredible benefits and serve your audience better.