Augmented Reality In a Nutshell! How AR Actually Works?

Pokemon Go. Snap-Chat. These programs brought Augmented Reality (AR) into the limelight in the past couple of decades. This tech has enhanced how we connect to the society, rendering it a fun, engaging, and energetic place to dwell in. While it can look similar to that tech is just a recent innovation, you are going […]

What is Augmented Reality? How AR Actually Works?
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Pokemon Go. Snap-Chat. These programs brought Augmented Reality (AR) into the limelight in the past couple of decades. This tech has enhanced how we connect to the society, rendering it a fun, engaging, and energetic place to dwell in.

While it can look similar to that tech is just a recent innovation, you are going to be astonished to know AR actually has its origins far back from the 1800s.

Therefore sit tight when I make an effort to replicate this 200-year-old theory in a nutshell.

What is Augmented Reality in Simple Words?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines AR is an improved variant of reality generated using technology to overlay electronic information on feed.

If we define in simple words, it is the combination of virtual and real computerized worlds. Given a real subject, taken on a camera or video, the technology (Augments= “adds to”) that real-world picture with extra digital information layers.

What is the purpose of Augmented Reality? 

The main objective or purpose of augmented reality is to design such a powerful system in which the user of this technology cannot identify the real world and the virtual augmentation of it.

Uses of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has acquired a very vast length of applications, from Education to Health, Gaming to Sports, Business to Medicine, Archaeology to Architecture, Industrial Manufacturing to Commerce, etc.

So, how can AR Work?

Every AR system comprises three components – hardware, software, and the application. For explanation reasons, I’ll use the illustration of our smart-phones to expound the idea.

1) Hardware

The hardware identifies with your equipment by the digital pictures have been projected. In cases like this, they genuinely are their own smart-phones. For AR to focus on those devices, they have to have sensors and chips that may encourage the high requirements of AR. Here are just some of the Major hardware elements:


This really can be the mind of this gadget. It determines the rate of one’s own phone and also whether it can control the important AR requirements, along with its usual phone functions.

AR demands high-performance GPUs; therefore, your digital material can be made and invisibly easily.


This element gives your device the capacity to generate awareness of its own environment. Various detectors required for AR contain:

  • Depth Sensor: To quantify thickness and space
  • Gyroscope: To discover the angle and location of your mobile
  • Proximity Sensor: To quantify just how close and way something is
  • Accelerometer: To detect fluctuations in speed, motion, and turning
  • Lighting Sensor: To quantify light brightness and intensity

All these hardware specifications are all very important for AR to work precisely on the apparatus. It’s just one reason why the subsequent generations of cellular phones have AR capacities.

2) Software

The 2nd component in an AR process maybe your applications, and also this is the place where the AR magical begins. ARKit (Apple) and also ARCore (Android) are still a few situations of AR computer software. These apps have three fundamental technologies that let them develop augmented-reality experiences.

Environment Understanding

This lets your mobile to find outstanding feature points along with horizontal surfaces to map out its surroundings. In doing this, the device may subsequently put virtual objects right on those surfaces.


allowing your mobile to determine its location in accordance with its own environment. Virtual objects may subsequently be implanted in the designated areas over the image.

Light Estimation

This gives your mobile the capacity to comprehend the environment’s present light state. Virtual objects may subsequently be set at precisely the exact same lighting states to boost precision.

Notice the way hardware and applications work together. When the equipment doesn’t contain the detectors to measure light intensity, then the computer software’s light estimation capacities will be useless in this case.

3) Application

The last element of an AR system is the application itself. 

It’s critical to become clear that the computer software allows AR software to perform onto your own smart-phone but doesn’t hold the AR options. The AR features like the 3D filters and objects originate from the cellular software.

Software like Snap Chat, Pokemon-Go, and IKEA Place possess their database of virtual pictures and triggering logic. This software pulls digital pictures out of their database and then map them outside on the live pictures.          

Operating Principles of Augmented Reality Technology

Marker-based Tracking

This manner calls for optical markers, such as QR codes, also to activate the AR options automatically. By pointing your cell camera one of these bar codes, the program admits it and superimposes the electronic image on the monitor.

Marker-less Tracking

AR software that works predicated on marker-less monitoring is triggered whenever they comprehend specific real-world capabilities. In the instance of Snap Chat, that real-life thing can see your face.

How is Marketing World getting benefit from AR?

The software such as AR from the advertising world is aplenty. Imagine a universe where pointing your camera in a physical restaurant demonstrates to one of that the reviews of these meals there. Or giving people exclusive deals whenever they utilize their own AR lenses to study your shop.

Not only is that an even more interactive way of engaging your clients, however, but it’s also likewise a faster method (when compared with google-search) of finding advice specific for you.

AR is actually a highly useful tool when used sensibly. Below are some innovative uses of AR in a promotion that organizations have inked.

Burger King – AR technology is helping the burger king to stand out in the competition and helping them into their advertisements campaigns.

burger king augmented reality
burger king augmented reality
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Timberland – with AR to permit folks to observe how they appear to be within their own apparel fast.

timberland augmented reality
timberland augmented reality
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Therefore that is AR at Short. The next time someone asks you the way AR works, you are fully prepared to respond.

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