These benefits your business can achieve with a cloud-based ERP system

Cloud-based ERP System

More and more companies, small businesses have now discovered all the benefits of moving their ERP system into the cloud, with a more efficient and flexible solution that covers the company’s needs in financial management, logistics, reporting, analysis, payroll, and HR. Are you still sitting on the fence? In this article, we will tell you what are the potential benefits of cloud ERP for your small business.


Benefits of Cloud ERP for Small Business

We are going to present the benefits of cloud ERP for small businesses, enterprises, and startups.

Better Cost Control

With an ERP system in the cloud, you can say goodbye to expenses related to servers that need to be replaced and software that needs to be updated. Here you instead simply pay only for what your company needs, and easily scale up and down as needed.

In other words, a cloud-based ERP system gives you more clear and predictable expenses that are adapted to the business’ finances, while you do not have to worry about expensive individual investments.

More Automated Processes

A cloud-based ERP system facilitates a piece of better information and workflow, where routine work tasks are instead replaced with automated processes. An example could be that an invoice is automatically created when an order is received and that everything is registered automatically when the customer has paid.

By automating routine work tasks such as deposits and withdrawals, reminders, debt collection notices, and travel invoices, more time is freed up for employees to spend on other more value-creating tasks.

Cloud-Based ERP Provides Better Security

While some are skeptical about deploying business-critical data in the cloud, security is actually one of the best arguments for migrating to the cloud. 

This is where your applications are located in data centers that are protected by the world’s leading security technology. 

As a result, data breaches and hacker attacks almost never occur in the cloud, and it is therefore usually safer to store your data with the largest players in the market than on your own servers in the house.

Always Up to Date

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based ERP for small business is that the cloud provider comes with automatic updates about every 14 days, which ensures that you always have access to the latest version and the latest technologies. 

With the updates come new functionalities that have been updated in accordance with government requirements and regulations, so that employees do not have to spend time checking whether they work within the legislation.

With a cloud-based ERP system, you thus avoid upgrading the system and the risk this entails, which gives higher flexibility and lower costs. Another advantage is that cloud systems also have minimal downtime.


Larger Room for Adjustments

With a cloud-based ERP system, you can easily and cost-effectively adjust the number of licenses and add different functionalities.

In this way, you can expand the system as your business grows and has new needs, which means that you can work more flexibly and quickly adapt to changing market situations.

Today’s cloud-based ERP systems also offer integrations with a number of different systems, and since they are based on so-called open APIs, they can be easily adapted and integrated with other programs.

Cloud ERP Increases Availability

Another great benefit of moving the ERP system out into the cloud is that the software will be available to employees on all kinds of devices at all times – whether they work from the office or the cabin. In order to attract the best minds among today’s young workers, who increasingly expect to be able to work when and where it suits them, this is a great advantage.

Simplified routines and improved communication across systems also help to give employees a simpler working day, which in turn helps to increase well-being and make it easier to retain employees.

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