5 Best ECommerce Website Builder For Small Business in [2021]

Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Business
5 Best Website Builders For Small Businesses

Looking for the Best ECommerce Website Builders?

Hey, small business owners, I know it’s too difficult to choose the best eCommerce website builders for small businesses when there is plenty of cheap ecommerce website builders in this wide and progressed computerized world. So, choosing online eCommerce website builders for your business is totally based on your core business requirements and activities.

Website builders are online tools that create business websites with characteristics like the ease of use, user-friendly, better user experience, and hassle-free. To help you out for which are the best eCommerce website builders for small businesses? Intelvue will provide you a list of the 5 best eCommerce website builders for small businesses.

List of The Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Businesses

Here is the list of the five best cheap eCommerce website builders for small businesses and startups.

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Wix
  4. Squarespace
  5. Weebly

1. Shopify Website Builder

Wix Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Business

Have you ever thought about owning your own business? If so, then you have probably also thought about what the best eCommerce website builders are. Well, in case you haven´t, I´m going to tell you one of the best eCommerce website builders out there right now. Shopify is an eCommerce software that helps anyone build a fully functioning online store without having to know or have any experience of any technical coding language.

Shopify Features

It allows you to create a professional storefront with its latest and advanced tools and features such as fraud analysis, Shopify point of sale, discount codes, unlimited products, gift cards, manual order creation, unlimited bandwidth, and online storage, and many other features.

Shopify empowers small businesses and startups with additional features like security, reliability, 24/7 support, customization, SEO, and Marketing tools.

Shopify Pricing

It comes with 5 different pricing plans from Shopify Lite to Shopify Plus. I am mentioning the Shopify pricing plans below:

  • Shopify Lite — $9
  • Basic Shopify — $29
  • Shopify — $79
  • Advanced Shopify — $299
  • Shopify Plus — custom pricing.

Pros of using Shopify

  • Shopify provides you an easy-to-use dashboard to create your online store.
  • It’s the best choice for those who deal with dropshipping.
  • US, EU, and Canadian tax rates are automatically calculated and applied.
  • Shopify gives multi-currency options to its users.
  • Abandoned cart saving functionality is available on all Shopify pricing plans.

Cons of using Shopify

  • Text boxes and uploading files options are a bit complicated.
  • Shopify doesn’t give professional reporting functionality features in basic pricing plans.
  • You have to transaction fees if you are using a third-party payment gateway.
  • Official Shopify-Mailchimp integration feature is not available.
  • Getting your website to be GDPR compliant where cookies are concerned will involve the use of a third party cookie banner app.

2. BigCommerce Website Builder

BigCommerce - Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Business

BigCommerce is a modern website builder for online stores. Thousands of retailers, including small and medium-sized businesses, choose the BigCommerce platform to create their online presence. With our drag and drop editor and trusted eCommerce integrations, BigCommerce is one of the top eCommerce platforms to help businesses buy, sell and grow.

Almost 92,000 online stores are built on BigCommerce in 65 countries. From small businesses to startups, multi-range organizations to multi-national corporations like Toyota and Martha Stewart are the users of this eCommerce website builder.

BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce Website Builder features include a drag and drops editor that lets you quickly build your website. The builder is perfect for both novices who don’t know the first thing about web design as well as more advanced users looking to create an intricate site with tons of features. With BigCommerce Website Builder, you can easily add eCommerce products from any marketplace such as Amazon or Etsy. You also have access to our pre-built templates, which help give your site a unique look right out of the box! Easily customize colors, fonts, images and much more in just minutes by using these professionally designed templates – it’s like having a pro designer on call 24/seven! Upload videos directly into pages with ease.

BigCommerce Pricing

It comes with four different pricing plans to help businesses range from small businesses to large organizations.

  • BigCommerce Standard: $29.95 per month
  • BigCommerce Plus: $79.95 per month
  • BigCommerce Pro: $299.95 per month
  • BigCommerce Enterprise: pricing varies, depending on your business requirements

Pros of BigCommerce

  • The next-gen flexibility of BigCommerce allows you to switch your theme easily.
  •  It gives you 12 free templates for your online store.
  • You can sell unlimited no of physical or digital products 
  • You can integrate any payment gateway in your online store with the help of BigCommerce.
  • It comes with altogether Content Management System (CMS) functionalities
  • BigCommerce allows you to optimize your online store according to search engine optimization techniques.
  • A drag-and-drop page builder
  • BigCommerce gives a professional reporting option.

Cons of BigCommerce

  • You will have to pay more bucks to get the facility of abandoned cart functionality as compared to other eCommerce website builders.
  • Free themes are very similar in design and functions to each other.
  • Free themes have very limited typefaces.
  •  VAT MOSS rates could be better catered for.
  • It doesn’t endorse RSS feeds.

3. Weebly Website Builder

Weebly - Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Business

Weebly is yet another best and cheap online eCommerce website builder for small businesses and startups for creating next-gen, top-notch, user-friendly blogs, big online stores, and sites. Amazing features of Weebly like responsive templates, app integration, domain registration, full-width page editor, powerful dashboard, drag and drop website builder, free subdomain, and features make it a cheap eCommerce website builder in 2021.

Weebly Pricing

  • Free Plan:$0
  • Weebly Personal: $6
  • Professional: $12
  • Performance: $26

Weebly Pros

  • If you look at the reviews of any site builder that claims we provide easy to use functions. If we look at Weebly’s case, it’s 100% true.
  • Weebly provides not only great themes but these themes will also perfectly adapt to mobile devices.
  • With a matter of a few clicks, you will be able to add amazing additional features to your online store or blog.
  • Weebly comes with great team management features to give access to other web editors as well. 

Weebly Cons

  • Sometimes, Weebly can be glitchy and requires a refresh. 
  • WordPress users can see some trouble in the area of placement and formatting options because they are not customizable.
  • Limited Design Flexibility
  • I haven’t found a systematic way to build a website in multiple languages that is also SEO-friendly.

4. Wix Website Builder

Wix - Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Business

Wix has come as a leading and the best website builder for eCommerce in the past few years. Wix is a one-stop shop for small to medium eCommerce businesses. Weebly allows you to manage larger items easily for your online store. It’s ideal for both digital and physical products.

Idea behind Wix

Wix is a website creator for businesses that don’t have any technical background and want to start a website. The idea to build Wix Website Builder was to simplify every element of the website creation process for users without a development or design background. Wix Website Builder allows you to create a fully functional website in minutes without needing to know how to write code. If you are using WordPress, you can certainly import your content into your Wix Website Builder account.

Wix ECommerce Pricing

  • Wix Business Basic: $23
  • Wix Business Unlimited: $27
  • Wix Business VIP: $49

Pros of Wix

  • Wix eCommerce website builder provides the best solutions to small businesses and startups.
  • It provides great easy to use tools and features.
  • You don’t have to pay any sales fees.
  •  Real-time shipping calculator

Cons of Wix

  • The biggest problem is the loading time. Wix’s websites usually take more time in the loading process and that’s a very bad signal for the user experience element.
  • Wix doesn’t give complete customization options.

5. Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace - Best ECommerce Website Builders For Small Business

Squarespace was founded in 2003, and now it is one of the cheap and best eCommerce website builders for small businesses and startups regardless of its size and industry. 

Squarespace Features

Squarespace provides a wide variety of features and options to build your online store. It includes Commerce platform, announcement bar, donation block, opentable block, zapier integration, ChowNow integration, code block, location management, menu block, promotional pop-ups mobile information bar, Amazon block, and the list goes on.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

  • Personal: $12
  • Business: $18
  • Online store: $26 
  • Online Store Advanced: $40

Pros of Squarespace

  • It provides much-enhanced blogging tools as well as better support as compared to other online ecommerce website builders.
  • Squarespace provides 100+ optimized themes both for phones and tablets.
  • Squarespace has four different mobile apps. The most popular one is called Squarespace, which is available for both iOS and Android. 

Cons of Squarespace

  • Usability features could be better.
  • If you want to have a deep menu hierarchy for your online store, then Squarespace is not suitable that much. 
  • It’s impossible to build websites for diverse languages on Squarespace. 
  • Squarespace’s templates have not good page speed, according to Google’s Page Speed Tool.

Final Thoughts

So, these were the list of the five best eCommerce website builders for small businesses UK 2021. Undoubtedly, it totally depends on your business size and requirements, which eCommerce website builder will be the best fit for your company. 

Just visualize your business activities, business processes, level of technical knowledge your team has, your budget, and then choose one. Thanks for reading our blog.

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