10 Best Free Email Marketing Apps & Services for Shopify

10 Best Free Email Marketing Apps & Services for Shopify

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business on Shopify. However, setting up an email campaign can be time-consuming and difficult.

Designing an effective email marketing strategy on Shopify is not an easy task. You need to create different campaigns for different purposes. Some of these goals include welcome emails, abandoned cart recovery emails, product launch emails, or newsletters.

With the best Shopify email marketing app, the entire process becomes easier than ever before! Let us introduce you to the 10 best email marketing apps for Shopify that will help you send targeted messages, without any hassle.

The best part is that all these Shopify email marketing services are free. In addition to that, they come with various features such as A/B testing capabilities, lead generation options, and social media integration, etc.

Such features help business owners focus more on growing their business instead of spending hours on creating complicated email templates, from scratch.

10 Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

1. Privy

Email Marketing App For Small Ecommerce Businesses
1. Privy Email Marketing App For Small Ecommerce Businesses

Email Marketing App for Small Ecommerce Businesses

If you’re looking to harness the power of email marketing without the complexity, Privy could be your secret weapon. Privy emails help you sell more online by automatically saving abandoned carts and sending sequences of sent-to-do offers that win back customers.


Privy provides different subscription plans that suit your needs. You can install Privy for free and mail up to 100 contacts, without any monthly costs. Pricing starts at $150 if you have 10,000 contacts or more on the list. The pricing also depends on which package best suits your business needs.

Visit website: Privy

2. OmniSend

Ecommerce Email Marketing and SMS Platform

Ecommerce Email Marketing and SMS Platform

Omnisend is a powerful eCommerce email marketing and SMS messaging platform. Omnisend has many unique features, such as automated emails. This feature can help a business grow sales by winning back more customers who abandon their carts before checkout. The program also welcomes new subscribers or clients with personalized messages.


  • Increases sales without the added burden of extra work
  • Automatically sends follow-up emails to win back lost customers and promote cross-selling
  • Reach out to new prospects via SMS market.


Omnisend offers a free trial that allows 15,000 monthly emails.

For $16 per month, you’ll get unlimited emailing with standard features such as social sharing analytics and auto-responders.

If your business needs more than what’s offered in their Standard plan, you can choose Omnisend Pro at just one-time cost of 99 dollars annually. That includes all those extra goodies mentioned before plus some others.

Visit website: Omnisend

3. Justuno

Justuno free email marketing app for Shopify

Soon to be the asset you never knew you needed; this conversion optimization platform will change how you think about your visitors.

A robust program that resolves all your visitor problems: more conversions, higher AOVs, and more traffic. Built with professional marketers in mind, Justuno’s suite of integrated marketing tools takes care of everything including product recommendations and site experience building, etc.


  • Saves time with simple and easy to use features
  • Pop-ups and on-site messaging
  • Increases conversion and close rates of your website
  • Responsive lead capture popups for email or SMS opt-ins


  • 14 day-Free Trial
  • Pro Plan 1: $29/m
  • Pro Plan 2: $49/m
  • Pro Plan 3: $99/m

Visit website: Justuno

4. MailChimp

All-In-One Integrated Marketing Platform for Small Business

An All-In-One Integrated Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

Mailchimp is your all-in-one integrated marketing platform for small businesses. The massively popular program allows you to sell products, build your brand, and take phone orders. It all comes down to building a brand and selling it online, all in one place with, Mailchimp!


Mailchimp’s features allow you to add pop-ups, scrolling boxes and embedded bars on your online store.

The software also offers customizable coupon emails with themes or colors for a more personalized feel.

MailChimp offers analytics so that visitors know who they are emailing as well as the success rate of their campaigns. Among other factors, these statistics depend on how many times the mails were opened vs. passed over in an inbox


  • Free Trial
  • Essential: $14.99/m
  • Pro: $24.99/m

Visit website: Mailchimp

5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is the best email marketing platform for Shopify to send beautiful emails, effortlessly. Now you can manage customers with an easy drag-and-drop email campaign software.

The features let you customize your template, down to every detail, with incredible customization features. Their mobile-friendly templates ensure that your campaign looks great, on any device.


  • Seamless integration
  • Customer reviews
  • Ready automation recipes
  • Segmentation
  • Abandoned cart emails, email newsletters, on-brand receipts,


  • Unlimited: $29/m
  • Basic: $9/m
  • Premier: $149/m

Visit website: Campaign Monitor

6. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a free email marketing and SMS automation service that helps you make your customers happy with high-quality and well thought out messages. They have design templates to help you create exciting emails without any expertise in this area!


  • Brings together customer data in one platform
  • Builds targeted marketing campaigns with predictive analytics
  • Automates your emails and other marketing efforts to save time
  • Segments customers as they enter your funnel


  • Depends on the number of contacts
  • 500 contacts: $20
  • 2000 contacts: $60

Visit website: Klaviyo

7. Drip

Marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce

Drip automates customer communications, builds personalized relationships, and increases revenue with assisted shopping across channels.

Drip is the simplest and one of the best email marketing apps for Shopify to grow your online business. The app enables custom automation and integrations for marketing products you sell. Some of these include eBooks, digital downloads, apparel, and more.


  • Create automated email campaigns easily
  • Builds relationships with your customers through personalized and targeted messages
  • Offers real-time marketing updates for making quick and accurate decision
  • Tracks the success of email campaigns by analyzing opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc.


  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Increasing pricing based on number of subscribers
  • Starting at $49/m

Visit website: Drip

8. Seguno

Shopify Email Marketing Automation Software

If you want to keep those emails coming in and never lose out to your rivals, Seguno is one of the best email marketing automation software.

What really sets this app apart is that you don’t have to leave Shopify. Seguno integrates seamlessly into your store and lets you work quickly and efficiently with content editing tools.

You can send newsletters directly or create automated campaigns complete with timing triggers, smart enough to save you time, when it matters most. Build more hype by linking up to other social media platforms like Facebook.


  • Manages and sends unlimited emails
  • Creates effective email campaigns
  • Integrates with your favorite marketing tools
  • Tracks Conversions with Built-In Analytics


  • Free Trial
  • Starting from $10/m

Visit website: Seguno

9. UpOrder

Spently is the best shopify email marketing service to follow up with and take care of customers with relevant emails, within a few clicks. It’s like having a bookkeeper who takes the effort out of following-up for everything you need.

Set your customer journey map with notifications that offer exclusive discounts, unique offers, and check back often.

With analytics at your fingertips, from start to finish, you can get useful insights on customer behavior. That help business owners make data-driven decisions about how to boost repeat purchases and lifetime value.


  • Re-engages your customers with regular follow-ups
  • Introduces new products and sales to customers
  • Gives you an edge over your rivals, by using email campaigns as a sales channel
  • Increases revenues easily without spamming notifications to customers


  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Essential: $99,99/m
  • Growth: $199,99/m
  • Premium: $399/m

Visit website: UpOrder

10. SmartrMail

SmartrMail is the fastest and easiest way to use email to drive revenue. Connect with customers across platforms and on all devices with a powerful email marketing suite. The app not only connects to your store’s data but also automatically sends out beautiful and optimized emails.


  • Automated Targeting
  • Instantly connects your store’s data with a single click
  • Automatically, sends targeted emails to customers, for increasing sales


  • 15-day Free Trial
  • Basic Plan: $29/m
  • Advanced Plan: $99/m

Visit website: SmartrMail

Bottom Line

Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive your online business. However, but must use the best Shopify email marketing app. Make sure the app you choose meets all your needs and has features that will help grow your eCommerce store. If you want to know more about how to boost your Shopify business, get in touch with us.

FAQ’s about the Best Email Marketing App for Shopify

Does Shopify Allow Email Marketing?
Yes, Shopify allows you to create effective email marketing campaigns and emails with the help of templates. You can use your brand assets or product content from your store in these emails to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Is Klaviyo Good for Shopping?
Klaviyo is the best email marketing platform, designed specifically for Shopify merchants. The powerful segmentation and behavioral-based targeting options with deep integration capabilities make Klaviyo a must-have solution for increasing sales, leads, and conversion rates.

What email services are compatible with Shopify and how can I set them up?
Connect Zoho Mail or Google Workspace to your domain. Before connecting, verify your domain and create a custom email address in either service.

Can I email from Shopify?
Shopify Email allows you to create emails, designed with your brand in mind, and linked directly to products. That can help increase sales by informing customers about what they may like, who their friends have purchased from before, or showing them a product sale!

Is email marketing effective in 2021?
With the rise of social media and mobile devices, email marketing remains one of the most effective methods for reaching your audience. In 2021, it’s more important than ever to make sure you use the best email marketing apps for Shopify to boost your sales and customer reach.