5 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing 2021

For a new affiliate marketer, it can be difficult to identify which plugins are the “best” for your needs.

New affiliate marketers need to know which plugins are the best for their needs.

The wrong plugin can slow down your site, or even worse – cause you to lose visitors when they click on an ad because the page won’t load.

The following is our list of the best 5 best free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing that any affiliate marketer should use in their business.

These affliate plugins for WordPress will help you add more value to your website and increase conversions without slowing down your site or causing issues with Google AdSense ads not loading properly.

5 best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers

1. Pretty Links

Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin

Pretty Links is a very popular WordPress affiliate plugin that lets you create redirects for affiliate links on your website. The URL scheme also makes it possible to easily perform server-side redirection, such as 301 and 302/307 redirects.

But Pretty Links doesn’t stop there: it makes short URLs automatically and shares them with customizable messages via Twitter!

Pretty Link’s power shines when working with dynamic content sites – or any site where new posts are added frequently throughout an extended period of time without going through a full post cycle process each time (such as social media sites).

Features and Benefits of PrettyLinks Plugin

  • Ease of usage and speed
  • Cleans up the appearance of your site’s URLs
  • Simplifies SEO management
  • Provides detailed statistics about clicks
  • Tracks performance on each URL

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Download it here: Pretty Links

2. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

Cloak long ugly affiliate links with ThirstyAffiliates. The plugin protects your commissions from theft and allows you to insert affiliate links into blog posts without damaging the final product.

Convert more of your blog visitors into affiliate income without annoying your audience with this powerful WordPress plugin for bloggers and online marketers.

ThirstyAffiliates immediately spot checks the links on your blogs, looking for broken ones that may have been downloaded in error or missed by RSS feed aggregators.

It also alerts you when a link becomes invalid, saving you valuable time so that you can replace such a broken link immediately before it loses valuable commissioning revenue!

Protip: get an instant head-start by importing all of your current products’ landing pages via CSV.

Features and Benefits of ThirstyAffiliates Plugin

  • Automatically imports your products to create links instantly
  • View broken links, and replace them easily from the plugin’s dashboard.
  • Edit landing pages and track their conversions

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Download it here: ThirstyAffiliates

3. AffiliateWP Plugin for WordPress
AffiliateWP is the best wordpress plugin for affiliate marketing

AffiliateWP is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates advanced affiliate tracking, accurate affiliate and referral tracking, an integrated Payouts Service, real-time reporting and complete integration with your site in just minutes.

This free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers makes it easier than ever to create robust Affiliate Programs for your business while still retaining the control you need to grow your business.

Features and Benefits of AffiliateWP Plugin

  • Real time data on your affiliate’s sales & commissions directly from within the admin.
  • Edit affiliate details, payout rates and affiliates all directly from your WordPress admin.
  • Coupon codes to encourage repeat purchases by existing customers and generate new leads.
  • Provide affiliates with full or limited access to your store based upon their role.
  • Built-in affiliate success analytics help you keep track of your affiliates’ performance and make adjustments where necessary.

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Download: AffiliateWP – Affiliate Product Rates

4. OptinMonster

Powerful conversion optimization plugin
optinmonster is the best wordpress plugin for affiliate marketers

OptinMonster allows website owners to rapidly create persuasive, engaging and effective popup forms that will convert their visitors into email subscribers, leads and customers. Make every opportunity count: turn every visitor on your page into a customer!

With the power of the OptinMonster plugin at your fingertips, it takes just moments to change an average webpage into a powerful marketing machine – all you need is 1-2 minutes!

Get more email subscribers instantly and increase sales with OptinMonster. It’s the most powerful conversion optimization toolkit globally, converting an average of 1.3 million websites every month to build their list.

With 100+ templates, gamified wheels, lightbox popups and scroll boxes, you can give your visitors a powerful experience that turns them into leads for life!

Features and Benefits of OptinMonster

  • Turn website traffic into leads and sales.
  • Build a responsive signup form in minutes for your website, blog or landing page.
  • Automatically turn website visitors into subscribers by intelligently prompting them to enter their email address with targeted content.
  • Improve conversion rates with animated lightbox popups and floating bars that stay on top of the page until you close it down.
  • Boost open rates with scroll boxes that appear as soon as users reach the end of a webpage.
  • Transform any ordinary offer into an irresistible time limited deal with gamified wheel offers.

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Download: OptinMonster

5. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

This plugin provides a simple way to insert Amazon products within posts. You can utilize this with any post or page and choose to have the product’s information at the top or bottom of your text and select different types of formatting for the listings. The affiliate plugin for WordPress is easy to install and utilizes only what you need in order for it to function appropriately.

Features and Benefits of Amazon Product In A Post

  • Enable you to quickly add Amazon products anywhere on your site
  • Allow you to insert a variety of information about an item such as price, rating, product description in one click
  • Provide added flexibility and usability with the ability to modify where the plugin displays
  • Allow readers of the blog articles to have additional information about a product that they might want
  • Enable visitors of your site to instantly purchase products, with just one click
  • Help increase conversion rates on specific pages or posts by displaying relevant products

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Download it here: Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Final Words

If you’re looking for some of the best free WordPress plugins to use in your affiliate marketing endeavors, we’ve got a list that is sure to be helpful.

Some of these tools will help drive more sales with less effort, and others are designed specifically for affiliates by giving them an easy way to track performance and stay on top of conversions.

Whether you want real-time data or just need some extra conversion optimization power, this list should have something that works well for you!