5 Must Have WordPress Plugins For ECommerce Sites (July 2021)

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins For ECommerce Sites (July 2021)

Ecommerce sites need to be fast and secure. So, it’s important that you have the right WordPress plugins in your arsenal. This article will cover the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce sites – they’ll help you get more sales, make sure customers feel safe when shopping with you, and keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Why do you need WordPress plugins for your eCommerce site?

Traditional eCommerce sites rely heavily on a robust and fast server to power them.

The site needs lots of bandwidth, so all the features work smoothly, and there are no errors. WordPress plugins can help make sure that your customer’s online shopping experience is seamless.

Think of it in this way, would you rather have an outdated, slow website that takes forever to load pages because the host is cheap and terrible? Or a fast, secure site that has all of the eCommerce features your customers need?

5 Best WordPress Plugins for ECommerce Sites

1. WooCommerce
woocommerce is the best wordpress plugin for ecommerce site

WooCommerce is a free, open-source ecommerce platform designed for small to large online stores.

It’s the most popular WordPress plugin with more than 5+ million active installations and over 3+ million active websites using it as their store front.

WooCommerce offers great features such as shipping options, product variations like size or color, inventory management tools that help you define how many of each item should be in stock at any given time.

Custom fields where you can enter data about items not seen anywhere else on your site (like garment washing instructions); user accounts, so customers feel they are part of something special by receiving newsletters and updates from brands they love.

Whether you’re launching an online store, taking brick-and-mortar retail online, developing sites for clients – Woo Commerce platform will help take care of all this in style!

Features and Benefits of WooCommerce

  • Make money with WooCommerce by selling products in an easy, private way on your site.
  • Give customers what they want affordably and efficiently because there are plenty of WordPress themes for WooCommerce.
  • Create beautifully designed, custom landing pages for your products
  • See customer reviews on the product page with a ‘Verified Owner’ label.
  • Offer as many products as you want without restrictions.

Pricing Plan
WooCommerce is a free, open-source eCommerce platform that anyone can use to sell their products online. The downside? It requires some investment from the users, including registering your own domain name for about $12/year and hosting service at around $5-$25 monthly in order to make sure everything works smoothly.

Download it here: WooCommerce

2. Easy Digital Downloads
Easy digital downloads is the best wordpress plugin for ecommerce site

With an all-inclusive suite of features, Easy Digital Downloads is the best eCommerce plugin in the digital entrepreneur’s belt.

From PDFs to WordPress plugins and everything between, it provides unparalleled efficiency for any business looking to purchase or sell products online.

With unlimited downloads per customer account page, active data reporting on user activity tracking, REST API integrations with your favorite services like Mailchimp and Stripe, this free solution has you covered from start to finish!

Features and Benefits of Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

  • With Easy Digital Downloads, you can create unlimited file downloads with the click of one button!
  • You’ll never have to worry about when your customers will receive their purchases as each order includes download activity tracking so recipients always know where they are in line.
  • There’s no limit on how many files you sell, meaning more profit for yourself while saving time from printing or having inventory sitting around waiting to be sold-out.
  • It also has integrations with Mailchimp, Dropbox, Stripe (accept all major credit cards), PayPal(for worldwide payments) , Slack and Zapier which means less work for eCommerce store owners.

Pricing Plan
This plugin is free to download and then you can extend it with premium extensions for more features!

Download it here: Easy Digital Downloads

 3. WC Easypay PK Plugin By Intelvue
WC Easypay pk by Intelvue wordpress plugin for ecommerce site

WC Easypay PK plugin, developed by intelvue. This innovative WordPress plugin for eCommerce sites allows users to checkout through their favorite payment methods with just a few clicks of the mouse!

The WC Easypay Plugin provides instant notification and tracking for customer activity that takes place on your easy pay page.

With this handy eCommerce WordPress plugin, you can update orders in seconds while increasing conversions from potential buyers who might have been skeptical about making purchases without seeing live updates immediately after checking out before committing to buy!

Features and Benefits of WC Easypay PK Plugin

  • Offers instant payment notification
  • Allows users to checkout through EasyPay
  • Redirects user to easypay site where they can pay through different methods of payment
  • Public and debug mode for developers
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and increase conversion
  • Save your developer’s time by reducing manual work
  • The plugin is very easy to install – it takes less than ten minutes!
  • One-click installation process without any coding skills required



4. PWA By Intelvue
progressive web app plugin by intelvue

The Intelvue WordPress PWA plugin provides the ability for site administrators to enable their sites as a progressive web app quickly.

The immersive user experience will make you feel like your favorite apps are on all of your devices without installing any new software or leaving this page!

To get started with enabling WP-PWA, activate the plugin, and it’s done in seconds.

Features include an Add to Home Screen button that helps you take your website’s content offline and store it on their device.

An App icon that lets them open up immersive web apps in place of websites within mobile browsers.

Splash screens with custom images or logos along with cache settings, so they don’t have to wait when loading pages from servers outside their network (their phone).

There is no need for additional programming knowledge because we take care of everything else behind the scenes to not have to worry about anything.

Features and Benefits of PWA Plugin By Intelvue

  • Get an immersive mobile-first experience with Progressive Web Apps.
  • It is fast, secure and responsive. It uses features like caching for better performance. 
  • Enable a splash screen when first loading the page.
  • Easily allow visitors to add PWA to their home screen as if it were a natural app on their device, leading to higher retention rates and improved page views.
  • With no coding needed, you can get started building a PWA in WordPress within minutes of activating this plugin.



5. BigCommerce For WordPress
BigCommerce For WordPress - Best wordpress plugin for ecommerce sites

BigCommerce’s plugin for WordPress is a way to integrate eCommerce within the most popular CMS, WordPress, in order to help content-driven brands scale their business.

The BigCommerce platform lets you get started with one site and easily add more without worrying about any of the back end responsibilities that come with it.

With the BigCommerce Plugin for WordPress, you can create additional sites using your existing theme or choose from one of our pre-made themes and then add on any BigCommerce store functionality to it.

This WordPress eCommerce Plugin helps you take your business beyond just simple store features with helpful integrations and access to all of our resources, like inventory management and marketing tools – allowing you to tailor things tailored explicitly towards what your customers are looking for!

Doing this will increase your revenue opportunity with no extra time investment required. Not only that, but brand awareness will also spread through the multiple sites you have, which is great for established eCommerce businesses.

Features and Benefits of BigCommerce Plugin For WordPress

  • Scale your business without worrying about server resources
  • Gain the ability to manage all aspects of your business with just one tool
  • Provides extensive payment gateways for checkout options
  • Add multiple sites without adding multiple control panels

Pricing Plan
Try BigCommerce free for 15 days, then pick a plan.
Standard $29.95/mo Plus $79.95/mo Pro priced at 299 per month

Download it here: BigCommerce For WordPress

Final Words

If you’re looking for the best WordPress plugins to help with eCommerce, we recommend any of these five.

They offer a range of benefits and features that will suit your needs no matter what type or size business you own.

Whether you want an easy way to manage multiple sites from one dashboard or if you need payment gateways, so customers have more options, there is something here for everyone!

Want your Ecommerce store to function better than ever? Create a single-page restaurant menu, design an ecommerce site, and more using our WordPress plugins to get the most out of what you spend in development time!