Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion – Here are Some Promising AI Projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not the one that is borne by the overwhelming science fiction vision. In the near future, we will see almost every area of life in order to make our activities more effective and interactive.

Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion – Here are Some Promising AI Projects
Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion – Here are Some Promising AI Projects – Courtesy By cio

Universal Translator

According to China’s search engine, Baidu’s top researcher, “Reliability of speech technology approaches the point we will only use and do not even think about.”

Universal Translator -  Intelvue
Universal Translator – Courtesy By

Andrew Ng says the best technology is often invisible, and speech recognition will disappear in the background as well. Baidu is currently working on more accurate speech recognition and more efficient sentence analysis, which expects sound technologies to be able to interact with multiple devices such as household appliances.

Google has worked dramatically with a radically newer version of Google, with errors down by 80 percent: the old method used 3.6 percent of the comparative tests, while the new 5 achieved (human average 5.1). Speech Recognition and Synthesis, combined with voice and other language technologies, will soon be able to spread the real-time translator that works with the headset, mobile phone, or chatbox.

Learning Machine

IT news reports from recent years of machine learning – and the most sophisticated drive, from deep learning – were loud.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning – Courtesy By Cubix

With this technology, the Google subsidiary, DeepMind AlphaGo, was able to defeat Lee Seedol South Korea’s gofenomain, which could destroy 60 Chinese gangs in January, and can be made in an ever-changing gaming medium that is closer to reality. The computing power and intuition capabilities of the technology will soon be able to culminate in decision-making models.

Creative Programs

As one of the sensations, we could send a picture to Google Dream and get it rewritten in the program’s psychedelic style. Machine creativity based on various recognition technologies is limited despite serious development; for a while, only a great deal of good work can be called authentic. His upcoming algorithms and software approach the creativity to the extent that they will model objects in 3D, in-depth, beyond their original recognition function.

Creative Programs
Creative Programs – Courtesy By groovypost

By using the Machine Learning Techniques of the Massachusetts University of Technology, computers have come to know the features of the 3D space and use the acquired knowledge to generate lifelike and physically authentic new objects. The 3D sensation is key to developing robots that are in touch with the physical world because AI is stagnant without knowing reality.

Self-Contained And Communicative Vehicles

The dissemination of self-propelled vehicles is shared, but they agree that machine learning is a key, and in the first place, to develop technology in the simplest of simulators.

Self-Contained And Communicative Vehicles
Self-Contained And Communicative Vehicles – Courtesy by pymnts

For example, Synthesis of the Independent University of Barcelona with nerve and deep learning, which focused on detecting pedestrians at first, is now improving the environmental management capabilities of vehicles (including the management of unexpected situations in a dynamically changing urban environment).

After the simulation, reality can come. The truth in which the self-driving car that communicates much more sophisticated than ours now becomes our third home to our home and workplace.


As a consequence of the processing technologies, we will soon find ourselves in a Specialist Sci-Fi world where AI-powered security solutions take care of us.

Safety First So You Last
Safety First So You Last – Courtesy By safety.lovetoknow

AnBot, which last year worked, was, for example, an intelligent security robot that identifies emergencies at China’s Menzan airport, with its cameras and face recognition systems, connected to the Tianhe-2 supercomputer and cloud services. AnBot, with its cloud computing capabilities, is capable of processing more than its own, and its supercomputing capabilities make it even better to learn.


As AI accumulates knowledge, it generates contact nets, formulates hypotheses, and uses it to improve human health. In BenevolentAI, London, the native language processing system, for example, searches for chemical libraries, medical databases, and scientific papers after potential drug molecules.

AI on Health
AI on Health – Courtesy By metacaresolutions

IBM and Pfizer collaborate with IBM’s legendary AI system, Watson, to accelerate immunoconjugate drug development, and Boston’s BERG Health, through its study of data, models a network of particular disease-specific proteins. The challenge for the near future is to achieve the level of molecular precision required to model the internal functioning of individual cells.

New Personal Assistants

In the near future, we can expect a breakthrough in the commercial applications dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT). This level of interconnection can lead to cloud robots, through which we can optimize robots for diverse tasks.

Personal Assistants
Personal Assistants – Courtesy by digitalmarkgroup

These robots work on their work, but they share the solution in the cloud, one of them teaching something to the other, working on it, and forwarding it. This increases the learning potential and the interconnectedness of the machines.

These trends can culminate in intelligent personal assistants that use MI to capture and interpret our data and to use the tools surrounding us to use IoT and the results of expanded reality for a mobile presence.

The Power Of Collective Intelligence

The groups of birds, ants, and fish act as a self-organizing system that develops from local interactions of closely related individuals. Their collective behavior cannot be deduced from the whole set of parts; it goes beyond it.

New-technologies-to-service-SSR-The-power-of-Collective-Intelligence – Courtesy By

The spread of intelligence can be enveloped, especially in the field of warfare and transport. In the summer of 2016, the US Navy was tested over the Pacific Ocean by a thirty straight drill line made of a one-meter machine.

In the near future, they will be able to act like a devil, with the least possible central control, to act in a coordinated manner. Thanks to this technology, the paradigm may also change: while in the past, the air force consisting of small and expensive warships was the norm, in the next few years, cheap and affordable drone weights could come.

The US Navy also develops inflatable boats that are patrolled as a separate group under the remote control of the human operator. When you see an unknown ship, the dragons decide which boat to approach the stranger and declare it innocent or harmful. Then he communicates with other members of the horn; maybe he wants to support.

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These 10 Businesses Are Ready To Use Artificial Intelligence (AI in Use)

From the grand strategy of things, artificial intelligence (AI) remains in the very early phases of adoption by the majority of organizations. But most leaders are very eager to implement AI to the organization’s business functions to begin realizing its extraordinary advantages. 

Businesses Are Ready To Use Artificial Intelligence AI
Image Source – Google | Image By aitimejournal

While we don’t have any method of understanding all of the ways artificial intelligence and machine learning will ultimately affect business purposes, here are 10 businesses that are all set to utilize artificial intelligence.

AI In Marketing

If your business isn’t utilizing artificial intelligence in advertising, it is already behind. Already AI types customers based on demographic or interest, can target advertisements to them based on surfing history, powers recommendation engines, and it’s a vital instrument to provide clients precisely what they need exactly when they need it. Another manner AI is utilized in advertising is by way of chatbots. 

Artificial Intelligence AI in marketing - how AI is helping marketing
Artificial Intelligence AI in Marketing
Image Source – Google | Image By  slideshare

Artificial intelligence additionally supports marketers by assessing data on customer behavior quicker and more accurately than individuals. These tips can help companies make alterations to advertising campaigns to make them compelling or program better for your future.

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AI In Customer Experience

Another way Artificial Intelligence technology and the technology of big data are employed in Business today will be to enhance the consumer experience. Luxurious fashion manufacturer Burberry uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Improve sales and client relationships. 

AI in Customer Experience - how AI is playing its role in customer experience
AI in Customer Experience
Image Source – Google | Image By datasciencecentral

The Business collects shopper information Through reward and loyalty programs they use to provide tailored Recommendations if clients are searching online or at stores. Innovative applications of chatbots during business events are just another way to offer a top-notch customer experience.

AI In Revenue

There’s definitely a Side of selling services and products that’s uniquely individual, but artificial intelligence can equip sales specialists with insights that could enhance the earnings function.

How AI boosted Revenue? AI in revenue management - artificial intelligence revenue, world markets 2016 - 2025
Artificial Intelligence Revenue, world Markets 2016 – 2025
Image Source – Google | Image By tractica

 AI helps enhance sales forecasting, forecast customer demands, and to improve communication. And intelligent machines can assist sales professionals in managing their time and determining that they will need to follow together and when and what clients may be prepared to convert.

AI In Human Resources

In a company function With”individual” from the title, is there some room for machines? Yes! Artificial intelligence has the capacity to change many human resources tasks from recruiting to talent management. Talent will anticipate a personalized experience in their company as they’ve been used to when purchasing and to their amusement. 

how ai is helping Human Resource HR- Artificial Intelligence AI in Human Resource Management
How AI is Helping and Improving Human Resource Management
Image Source – Google | Image By Twitter

Additionally, AI will help human resources sections with data-based decision-making and earn candidate screening and also the recruitment process more accessible. Chatbots may also be used to answer several common questions regarding business policies and benefits.

AI In Accounting And Finance

Many organizations are Locating the guarantee of price reductions and more efficient operations, the significant appeal for artificial intelligence at work. And based on Accenture Consulting, robotic procedure automation may create incredible effects in those regions such as the accounting and finance business and divisions. 

AI in Accounting and Finance - How artificial intelligence is helping Accounting and Finance
AI in Accounting and Finance
Image Source – Google | Image by palettesoftware

Human fund professionals will soon be freed-up from repetitive jobs to have the ability to concentrate on higher-level tasks while using AI in bookkeeping will decrease mistakes. AI can also be able to supply real-life standing of fiscal issues to organizations since it can monitor communicating through natural language processing.

AI In Manufacturing

Heineken, together with several different businesses, utilizes data analytics at each phase of the production process from the distribution chain to monitoring inventory on shop shelves. AI helps flag regions of concern from the production process before expensive problems erupt. Machine vision may also encourage the quality management procedure at manufacturing centers.

AI in Manufacturing- how ai is helping manufacturing industry - how ai can be used in manufacturing field
AI In Manufacturing Industry
Image Source – Google | Image by analyticsinsight

AI In Contact Centers

The contact center of An organization is just another business place where artificial intelligence is currently being used. Organizations that use AI technologies to enhance instead of replacing people with these jobs would be those who are integrating artificial intelligence in an ideal way. 

AI in Contact Centers
Image Source – Google | Image By Medium

These facilities collect an enormous number of information that may be utilized to find out more about clients, forecast customer aim, and enhance the”next greatest activity” for your client for greater client participation. 

The unstructured information gathered from contact centers may also be examined by machine learning how to uncover customer tendencies and, after that, enhance services and products.

AI In Research and Development (R & D)

What about artificial Intellect as a tool of invention? It helps us construct a deeper comprehension in almost any Business, such as health care and pharmaceuticals, automotive, financial, and much more while amassing and analyzing enormous amounts of data efficiently and correctly. 

AI in Research and Development R and D
AI in Research and Development
Image Source – Google | Image By

Machine and this learning might help us explore issues and create solutions that we have never thought of earlier. Artificial intelligence helps R&D actions be strategic and practical.

AI In Building Automation

Another manner AI is Currently at work in companies today is helping center managers optimize energy usage and also the comfort of occupants. Building automation, using artificial intelligence to help manage control and building light and heating/cooling systems, utilizes internet-of-things apparatus and detectors in addition to computer vision to track buildings. 

AI in building automation and care
AI in building automation
Image Source – Google | Image By panacea-selection

AI helps center managers enhance the energy efficiency of their building. Another part of a lot of these methods is constructing security also.

IT Operations

Also called AIOps, AI for IT operations is often the first experience various corporations have with executing artificial intelligence internally. AI is widely employed to get an IT system log file error investigation, together with IT systems management purposes and to automate many routine procedures. 

AI in It operations management
AI in It operations management
Image Source – Google | Image By bmchelix.cio

Since the IT systems to encourage our companies to become more complicated, AIOps assists the IT to enhance system functionality and solutions.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

We have to admit that AI has become the superpower in the field of IT, and it is one of the crucial ten emerging technologies empowering businesses and industries today. 

According to some AI survey, 78% are on social media, which uses AI technology in everything from ads to newsfeeds. 77% have music or video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc., all of which use AI in delivering content. 

Thus, in contemplating your willingness for AI, analyze your internal technician skills base, and discover out what service you can expect from any alternative partners.

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I am Muhammad Abdullah, an SEO Strategist at Intelvue. I have very great interest in writing on latest trends of I.T field, SEO things, and services on the Internet.

Benefits of Chatbots to Drive Your Business

Introduction to Chatbots

Have you imagined how your favorite bookshop would feel, if it did not have an associate to assist you? The booms of online channels demand businesses to adopt a swift approach while responding to customers. Here come Chatbots, which are enabling large and small enterprises to cater customers in a personalized manner. Juniper Research, a UK based technology consultant indicates that Chatbots alone can help businesses save over $8 billion globally by 2022. This is simply an opportunity that one cannot miss!

Chatbot technology not only saves time, but also results in opportunity for business growth. There is a need for omnipresence with customers. Today, the size of Chatbot — AI technology industry alone is estimated to be over $1.5 billion and this creates immense opportunity because at the heart of any business are satisfied customers, who will ultimately drive revenues.

Believe it or not, leaving queries unanswered by customers can cause a landslide fall in revenues, thanks to the snowball effect in age of social media. Global business landscape has seen a colossal change due to digitalization of processes. Customers expect business to respond quickly, and businesses need smart solutions to process thousands of requests at a time. It is estimated that about $5 Billion will be invested in Chatbot technology by the year 2021. Even today, technology giants are utilizing Chatbots to provide superior service experience and deliver faster results.

Venture Beat, an American research firm indicates that nearly 300,000 Chatbots were active on Facebook alone in 2018, exchanging several million messages. This has not only helped businesses improve the quality of their leads, but has also helped nurture the leads and extract more revenue. Other than the Facebook Messenger Chatbot itself, WhatsApp Chatbot, Slack based Chatbot and WeChat are a few other powerful and renowned players in the industry, who are revolutionizing the customer services and business strategy landscape.

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Types of Chatbot

1966 saw the introduction of world’s first Chatbot by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Designed to impersonate a psychotherapist and support patients, the Chatbot was such an overwhelming success that it even passed the Turing’s Test.

Today, any Chatbots can be categorized in two variants on the basis of its design, i.e. — Simple Bots and Smart Bots. The former utilizes a sequence of questions, and their standard responses fed in the system by developers whereas the latter is reliant on AI. With the aid of recommendations, leading questions and follow-up responses, Smart Bots learn and develop as conversation develops.

1. Efficiency & Cost Savings

Efficiency drives businesses, and a good Chatbot can help improve the situation. In a recent report by Deloitte, it is estimated that automation of customer service through Chatbot-like programs can result in savings of as much as $3.5 billion alone by 2019 and generate $160 billion business opportunity by 2020.

Using a Chatbot to perform tasks like scheduling an appointment, responding to generic customer queries, handling complains and redirecting to concerned staff can improve efficiency. Gartner reports that Chatbots reduce average time to deal queries by 40% and IT service desks will help free up to 30% support capacity.

2. Customized Service

Each Bot can be customized in the way it communicates with the people. A few quick benefits of Chatbots include,

· That they will never be bored of doing repetitive tasks

· Quick speed and promptness in responding to queries

· Customized responses to several customers at a single time

Chatbots can be customized according to business brand tone and marketing communiqué. An example is Baidu’s Chatbot, Melody. To enable quick flow of communication between patients and potential doctors, Baidu has incorporated Melody A.I in the Baidu Doctor Application. The application enables patients to schedule appointments, share symptoms and gain real-time assistance from doctors who can converse back.

Another case of how Chatbots have been introduced in our lives, is the gimmick by 2016 movie, Zootopia’s marketing team. Audiences were given the opportunity to interact with Lieutenant Judy Hopps’s avatar and solve mysteries. Similarly, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 released by Marvel in 2016, had a Chatbot which featured the avatar of Star-Lord which thrilled fans!

3. Superior Customer Service

When turnaround time is reduced, customers feel important and business gains traction. Since humans can only focus on 3–4 tasks simultaneously, they are prone to making errors. A Chatbot gives you absolute peace of mind and control, so you can focus on business development while customer service is handled by AI. Being available when customer interacts, is key to success.

Accenture Digital reports that 56% of Fortune 500 companies are facing disruption in their business owing to use of Chatbots. Such is the need of a smart solution, that Juniper Research estimates Chatbots will be able to save approximately 2.3 billion human hours in customer services by year 2023. In an age where customer is willing to wait for only 4–5 minutes for service, Chatbots gear you with the ability to respond instantly.

4. Drive Sales From Your Messenger Platform

Facebook Messenger has the ability to drive business sales up by a magnanimous volume. Approximately 1.76 billion people use messenger, and at least 2.5 billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses each month. This indicates that a huge market is available to tap. Messenger has enabled the opportunity to purchase product straight from the App, which gives businesses ample support.

However, most businesses have failed to capture the opportunity and as many as 50% customer surveys indicate that people are not happy with their real-time chat experience. Furthermore, 60% individuals fail to recall a unique live-chat experience. A business can utilize messenger Chatbot to boost sales and build customer loyalty. Once you set up your messenger Chatbot, simply link it to your digital store. You may do it by

– Adding a Messenger sales channel to your digital site

– Provide a support link for Live Facebook Messenger Chat on your digital site

– Integrate a “Buy Now” button on the Messenger bot

Setting up the Chatbot and integrating it is easy, however the real test is to drive sales. Your Chatbot must be interactive and provide infotainment to customers, so their interest is retained. You may send unbelievable facts, offer small games or provide informative/entertainment content regularly, so the customer is hooked!

5. Lead Generation

Chatbots are great companions for a business to understand its customer base. Once the business stakeholders understand target audience, they have a better chance of delivering quality products and services. Chatbots can be programmed to inquire the preferences of customers, identify customer’s likes and dislikes, and gather information via short surveys and quizzes and gauge exactly what is required.

Chatbots may be also be used to further segment the audience. Once data has been provided by customers, a Chatbot can automatically bifurcate data in factions, such as age, gender, education, marital status etc. Since focus is on relationship building, Chatbots can help a business acquire customer`s trust by having a sincere conversation.

People admire Chatbots since they are not obsessive, and prioritize customer preference first. Lastly, the more you educate your audience about a product or service, the more likely they are to buy it. Chatbots can assist your business in educating customer, and ultimately converting them for you.

6. Reduce Support Effort & Cost

Chatbots have been proven a good team player with Sales & Support teams. There are many organizations using chatbots for reducing support tickets and thread. It reduces cost per ticket by handling efficiently tons of simple and complex scenarios.

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