Everything you need to know about Google’s Fuchsia OS

Google Fuchsia OS

Are you tired of using Android OS or iOS? Want some new iOS? Then, Google has something special and a new item for you. It’s Fuchsia OS. Apart from ChromeOS and Android, Google is doing five-hand-exercise on this new OS, which is still in progress.

What exactly is Google Fuchsia, what to expect from Google Fuchsia in 2020 and in the future? How android and iOS users will react on this monster? Well, let’s get into this fuss.

What is Google Fuchsia OS?

So, Google Fuchsia OS is a cross-platform OS that can be used in any device from mobile to tablet, smartwatches to smart fridges, and desktops. It is in the development stage, not ready to go in the market completely.

Another important fact of Google Fuchsia OS is that it is not Linux kernel-based like other OS such as Android and iOS. But it is operated on the Zircon microkernel. Google has published instructions on how to run Fuchsia OS on Pixelbooks.

History of Google Fuchsia OS?

August 2016 was the date when Google Fuchsia OS appeared on Github. After ChromeOS and Android, it will be the third OS by the giant Google. Like other OS, it doesn’t deal with Linux-based kernel but operates on Zircon Kernel (aka Magenta). Flutter is doing an excellent job by supporting Fuchsia OS to make it cross-platform OS to run everything everywhere. Here, we have made a comparison of Flutter and React Native. You will love it.

Will Fuchsia OS support Android Apps?

Being an avid user of Android mobiles and spent my whole life with android apps, but Fuchsia OS has some good news for android lovers. Yes, Fuchsia OS will support Android Apps. So, android users tight your shoes and feel the change.

Is Google moving away from Android?

No company will shoot oneself in the foot by shutting down multi-billionaire product Android. Fuchsia is the member of Future, for now, enjoy android apps and games as much as you can. Don’t worry, Android is not going away from Google and vice versa.

Fun Fact: Android OS was intended for smartphones but it was designed for digital cameras.

What is Fuchsia for?

No one can describe the complete functionalities and specifications of Fuchsia but according to Bloomberg, Fuchsia is all about taking care of Google’s ecosphere into one place to provide more legacy and extensibility to users. As we discussed early, it’s an OS having cross-platform compatibility which will allow the users to run Fuchsia on any device regardless of platform.

Why Fuchsia instead of Android?

As Android OS was intended to operate on mobile phones but it was designed for digital cameras. Due to this, we always seen the hardware compatibility issues whenever a new Android updates come to the market.

To avoid this messy fuss, Google is now more focused on its tech item (Fuchsia) to make it more powerful, more compatible with each and every device, compatible with hardware, and a lot more.

Benefits of Fuchsia

This OS is based off a completely new kernel with two key benefits:

  1. It is designed with the smart connected future in mind and is much less specific in his code and so built to work across a wider range of devices.
  2. Fuchsia Kernel runs on pretty much everything from small phones and PCs to fridges and traffic lights.

One operating system for everything, so as more and more small devices are entering people’s homes, a single OS could essentially mean completely seamless integration between them. Your music could switch from your phone’s speaker to your smart speaker. And, when you enter a room and your car could pick up your Spotify session if exactly where you left off when you walked out the building.

Google Fuchsia OS Release Date

Well, there is no exact date of the Google Fuchsia release date. No one knows when will it available in the market. But, if we Fuchsia rumors are not rumors at all, then we can expect that Fuchsia will be in the market within the next 3 or 5 years.

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