Everything You Need To Know About Voice Search

Voice Search has gained phenomenal popularity in these years. And it is that there are many people, especially the youngest, who opt for this option when doing an internet search or consulting some information through their mobile devices. But why is voice search so successful? Beyond the practicality that this tool implies, the voice is one of […]

Everything You Need To Know About Voice Search
Everything You Need To Know About Voice Search

Voice Search has gained phenomenal popularity in these yearsAnd it is that there are many people, especially the youngest, who opt for this option when doing an internet search or consulting some information through their mobile devices.

But why is voice search so successful? Beyond the practicality that this tool implies, the voice is one of the most crucial forms of communication that human beings have.

The truth is that before the implementation of voice search, SEO is undergoing some changes. Since it is not only necessary to pay attention to text searches, but users who use the voice to make their queries should also be taken into account.

So, with this article, we will explain everything you need to know about voice search so that you can integrate it into your digital marketing strategy.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a Google function that allows users to use their voice to search for a service, product, or content of interest to them; this through the internet browser or a portable device.

This function interprets the meaning of words; as well as, it can decipher the intent and context behind each search.

Currently, it is used as an alternative to the written search. However, voice search can answer a large number of questions; therefore, it is estimated that its growth will continue to gain ground in search engines.

In this sense, voice search can be determined as the possibility of using a device capable of:

  1. Record the human voice.
  2. Interpret search orders through a program.
  3. Return results present in a search engine.

How does Voice Search work?

Google constantly optimizes its algorithm to achieve ranking; always to provide the most accurate results to the searches of its users. Therefore, if the algorithm determines that a page is more relevant for certain searches, it will position it among the first results.

Voice searches have some different characteristics than written searches. Which refers to the way the search is carried out.

In the written search, “robotic or mechanical” terms are used, which we would not use in conversation normally.

For example:

” Chatbot Development Services”

While the voice search offers the possibility of asking more complete questions or in a more natural way. For example: “What are the best Chatbot Development Services?”

In this sense, the important points about its operation are:

Talk to Google:

 for this, users must access the Google search engine and click on the microphone-shaped icon; located to the right of the text box.

Speak Now – Voice Search

Once the microphone turns red, a message appears saying, “Speak Now” you can make your inquiry. The results will appear a few seconds later.

Ok. Google. Show me the results of Chatbot development services


this feature is available in more than 40 languages. In the case of Android voice search, users will be able to choose up to 5 languages ​​that they want to use at the same time.

-Voice search at your fingertips: 

Users can implement this feature from their mobile devices. It is because it is available for both Android devices and the iPhone and iPad. Plus, it’s a free feature.

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2020?

As we have already mentioned, this function presents and will continue to current significant growth. For 2019 there was a higher increase in the use of this technology; being the United States one of the countries to present the greatest boom in this regard.

With the appearance of this innovation, you can think that SEO is going to disappear. However, the reality of all this is that this new way of consulting on the web will not only coexist; it must also be supplemented by SEO.

You shouldn’t worry about what you have done so far on your web portal, it will continue to be valid, and you will not have to stop it.

According to specialists in the area, the change that voice search involves is that in addition to the search engines that we already know, there will also be response engines.

Answer Engine Optimization

So, on the one hand, we have the work of improving search engines or what is the same as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and on the other, we will have Answer Engine Optimization (AEO).

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It is because the new assistants and voice seekers take care of giving a single answer to users. Its objective is not to offer a list for users to select the one they consider the best; but only one answer appears, the most correct. It implies that when positioning your business you will have greater competition and complexity.

Long-tail keywords are playing a vital role. No one can say what length of words will give you higher rankings. However, since it is this type of search, users will have the possibility of making longer, specific, and descriptive queries, using keywords long tails of up to 10 words.

You wonder if Google is the only search engine that is with this functionAnd the answer is yes. But it is not ruled out that other search engines will soon join this technology. Some have already given specific indications.

Reasons Why Voice Search is on the rise

In order to understand why voice search is growing, it is essential to analyze two important points.

1. Voice search provides precise and direct answers. 

This tool also leads users to:

-Discover relevant information.

-Make purchases online.

-Interact quickly with various websites.

2. The interaction is shorter and more practical. 

Voice-based searches are used for quick interactions.

For example, to find:

-The name of a character.

-A movie.

-Location of a place.

-Consult a question, etc.

As user interactions decrease in duration, the opportunity to impact them is reduced; so they must be raised in the best way. In voice search, accuracy plays a key role.

So as long as users get answers quickly and accurately, you will have a better chance of attracting their attention for a longer time; without running the risk of users getting tired of waiting.

This does not mean that the written search is not feasible or has already lost validity. But what is certain is that voice search is increasingly beneficial and provides greater speed.

3. Increase of accesses through mobile devices.

Nowadays, it is customary to search the internet using the computer. However, it is important to consider the increase in access through mobile devices.

The use of voice search tool also depends on the place and circumstance in which the user is.

So, it works best when you are:

  • At home.
  • In the car.
  • On the street, etc.

A curious fact about voice search is that it is usually very common in local searches. Which means that the location where users are is highly relevant for these types of queries.

For example:

“What are the closest restaurants to me?”

4. Improvement of the technology of voice assistants and conversational interfaces.

We can’t forget about voice assistants. These smart devices understand voice commands and allow users to consult on the web; Likewise, this technology has been making its way for some years, while it has gained strength with the appearance of various attendees.

Voice Search Statistics 2020

Let’s see some voice search statistics of 2020. According to the consultancy, Gartner, the market for voice assistants by 2021 will represent 3,520 million dollars worldwide; with what will exceed by far the 360 ​​million dollars, corresponding to the year 2015.

Among the voice assistants are:


artificial intelligence program, whose functions are as a personal assistant. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions, give recommendations, and take actions. It is aimed at those who use the iOS operating system.


virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10. Designed to give answers, perform basic tasks, give announcements and contribute to the use of devices.


 Developed by Samsung Electronics, this virtual assistant allows users to focus on what is really important.

Bixby learns the activities that users like to do as you interact with them. In addition, it works with applications and services, with the aim of contributing to the completion of tasks.

-Google Now 

Personal assistant, available within the Google Search mobile application for Android operating systems.

Google Now features include: provide responses, report upcoming events, set reminders, search for places of interest, choose topics of interest, etc.

-Google Assistant

Virtual assistant developed with artificial intelligence. It is mainly available on mobile and smart home devices. Google Assistant can participate in two-way conversations.

How to Optimize Website’s Content for Voice Search?

Are you searching for how to optimize content for voice search? As we have seen that voice search has become an unbreakable part of modern SEO strategies. It’s very to important to optimize your website or content for voice search.

We will tell you 5 ready-to-use voice search strategies to rank better.

 Strategies to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

So, here are some proven voice search strategies to put in your pocket to rank higher in SERPs.

1.    Optimize the content for Rich Answers

According to SEMrush voice search study,

“70% of all answers returned from voice searches occupied a SERP feature (with 60% of those returning a Featured Snippet result).” 

To give the best content to users, Google mostly come up with rich answers to answer’s user’s questions, and this trend has exponential rise.

If you want to rank better, then you must optimize your content for rich answers.

2. Design pages with answers to the FAQ

Knowing which are the frequently asked questions that your consumers ask will give you the possibility of creating a page with answers to those doubts. Which will allow you to attract people by using voice search.

To know for sure what the frequently asked questions are, you can:

-Ask your sales representative or the person in charge of the customer service area to document the questions you receive, or even through the Social Networks themselves.

-Analyze in Google Search Console which are the keywords that are related to the questions that are received the most and prepare the answers.

3. Optimize your local SEO

The first thing you should do is review and refine your local SEO with Google My Bussines .

Update your Google My Business page with all the necessary information. Thus, you will have greater chances of appearing in the highest position; when a user inquires about the products or services you offer.

4. Take care of your page loading speed

According to Google, bounce rates on mobile devices exceed those of desktop computers by 9.56%. This indicates that users who use mobile phones to search by voice are on the move and do not have enough time to wait.

To speed up the loading speed of your page you can implement an AMP ; This aims to improve the loading time of a web portal. Also, AMPs load about four times faster than typical mobile pages.

Other tips that you can take into account to accelerate the speed of your website are:

-Use a quality server.

-Compress the web page.

-Optimize images.

-Avoid syntax errors and broken links.

5. Responsive design

 In general, the ideal is that the format of your website has a design adapted to any type of digital device.

But in the case of voice search, responsive design is key, since most voice searches are carried out through mobile devices, hence the importance of your portal having this type of design.

Final Recommendations About Voice Search

Voice Search is gaining rise with each day passing, and one day you will find it everywhere.

If you want to leverage your business with voice search technology, intelvue can help you with its exceptional services. Give us a shout, we’re all ears. Thank you for reading our blog.