Facebook & Instagram Crackdown against all accounts linked to the conspiracy movement

Facebook and Instagram bans account linked to the Qanon conspiracy movement
Facebook and Instagram bans account linked to the Qanon conspiracy movement

This movement convinced that Donald Trump is fighting the occult pedophile forces of the deep state has exploded as the presidential election approaches

The hour of the big household has come. Facebook announced Tuesday the withdrawal of all accounts, pages, and groups linked to the conspiracy movement “QAnon“, on its main platform and on Instagram, while the number of followers of this far-right pro-Trump movement has exploded in the run-up to the US presidential election.

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What is QAnon?

QAnon is not an organization or a fixed structure, but an idea or legend, a loose movement that has formed on the Internet and is increasingly being seen in the real world, for example at demonstrations or events by US President Donald Trump.

How many people can be counted in this network is unclear. The conspiracy legend is spread among others by right-wing politicians and the media in the USA.

How did QAnon come about?

In October 2017, a cryptic text appeared on a discussion channel on the “4chan” site, notorious for extremist posts. One of the statements: Hillary Clinton will soon be arrested. The obscure pamphlet would hardly have been noticed, but 4chan moderators and Youtubers began to knit a complete legend around this and the following texts. They claimed that the author had the highest non-military US security level “Q” and thus had access to the country’s nuclear secrets – the “QAnon myth” was born.

Who the first text came from and whether the following posts assigned to QAnon were even written by the same person or group cannot be proven: All publications on 4chan are anonymous, users do not need to register.

The social media giant, regularly accused by civil society of not sufficiently fighting against actors spreading hatred, had already cracked down on QAnon on several occasions. This time, even the pages that “do not contain violent content” will be deleted if they are associated with the movement, the Californian group said in a statement.

Facebook has indeed noticed that supporters of these many conspiratorial theories went from one subject to another to constantly rally new audiences. 

“While we removed content related to QAnon that celebrated and supported violence, we saw other content (from the movement) on other forms of danger in real life,”

relates the social network. For example, “claims that certain groups of people are behind forest fires on the West Coast (of the United States),” Facebook continues.

800 Facebook pages and 10,000 Instagram accounts

The company has specified that it will take several weeks to deal with the occurrences.

In August, she had already withdrawn nearly 800 groups, 100 pages and 1,500 advertisements directly linked to this movement on Facebook.

She had also taken steps to reduce the reach of more than 10,000 Instagram accounts and nearly 2,000 groups and 440 Facebook pages, such as limiting recommendations, demoting them on news feeds, making them harder to find, prevent them from advertising or selling products.

“We have seen movements grow which, even if they do not directly organize violence, celebrate violent acts, show they have weapons and suggest they will use them, or have fans susceptible to violent behavior. “, Then explained the group.

Asked about QAnon in August, following Facebook’s measures, the Republican billionaire said he saw them above all “as people who love our country”. “I don’t know much about them. I understood that they like me a lot, which I appreciate, ”he added, suggesting that their recent surge in popularity was linked to the demonstrations that took place in Portland (northwest) or New York. , against racism and police violence.

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