Flutter vs React Native [2020] – Which is the Best for you?

Flutter vs React Native The trend of developing cross-platform mobile applications are surging exponentially, with such platforms or frameworks that are not restricted to Swift for iOS apps or Java for Android apps. If we talk about the most famous and robust cross-platform mobile development frameworks in the town, we get two names, Flutter and […]

Flutter vs React Native

flutter vs react native in 2020

The trend of developing cross-platform mobile applications are surging exponentially, with such platforms or frameworks that are not restricted to Swift for iOS apps or Java for Android apps.

If we talk about the most famous and robust cross-platform mobile development frameworks in the town, we get two names, Flutter and React Native. With one codebase and one programming language, these frameworks help you to create mobile applications for both android and iOS platforms.

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Picking the right one is the toughest job for you. You cannot go with any of these just by their fancy names. Your business requirements and needs will tell you which one you should pick? Because Both Flutter and React Native are famous, powerful candidates with their own set of cons and pros.

Both Flutter and React Native brings you a lot of similar opportunities like hot reloading, creating cross-platform apps using a single codebase, native features, and mind-blowing UI. But, they do have their differences. Let’s explore React Native vs. Flutter against several factors.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK that is designed for developing powerful, robust, and aesthetic iOS and Android apps for businesses with one programming language and codebase.

Who created Flutter and When?

The giant folk of the web “Google” created this open-source UI software development kit in May 2017. “Sky” was the first version of this cross-app development framework and ran on the Android.

Which Languages are used to create Flutter?

Dart (Newly invented Programming Language by Google itself) and C++ were the masterminds behind Flutter.

Here we bring a list of some popular apps built using Flutter

  1. Alibaba
  2. Hamilton Musical
  3. KlasterMe – app for content creation and discovering
  4. Reflectly – Health and Fitness App
  5. HuYu– app for paid surveys and reward
  6. Top Goals – app for soccer fans
  7. Google Ads – advertising manager app

Now, what is React Native?

React Native is one of the best open-source cross-app development framework used to create Android applications, iOS applications, and UWP applications by allowing programmers and developers to use React parallelly with native platform competencies.

Who created React Native and When?

Facebook was the founder and the mastermind behind this hot technology. It was initiated in 2015 to tackle all cross-platform problems with a single codebase.

What is React Native written in?

The Languages on which react native is written are C++, Python, Java, Objective-C, and JavaScript.

7 Popular Apps which are made with React Native

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Facebook Ads Manager
  3. AirBnB
  4. Instagram
  5. Discord
  6. UberEats
  7. Tesla

5 Factors that will decide whether Flutter is better for your app development project or React Native

1. Hot Reloading

Both Flutter and React Native come up with this amazing feature. Hot Reloading is something in which you write some piece of programming code, save this code, and hit reload on a mobile app on a native mobile app and just reloads like a web-page. So, both candidates have the same points on this factor. Match Tied.

2. Component

Now you might be thinking that we can design any kind of component on both platforms but I will add something here. If we talk about React Native, there are fewer options for components and you use third-party tools for making some out-of-the-box components for your project.

But in Flutter, you have tons of components for your cross-platform application project. And all are developed by a single team and that is Google. Here, Flutter has some plus point over React Native.

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3. Programming Language

As we mentioned that Flutter uses Dart as a programming language and React Native uses JavaScript as a programming language. Dart is a newly-invented language and on the other hand, JavaScript has passed more than two decades in the market and of course, it has a very large community of developers, programmers who are already working in JavaScript so migrating into mobile apps is much easier for them instead of learning with the dart programming language. So here, React Native has plus point over Flutter.

4. Performance

There is a well-known opinion that Flutter has better performance as compared to React Native. This could be because Flutter doesn’t have a JavaScript bridge-like React Native to communicate with native components. The code of Dart language is organized to native machine code, so excluding the JavaScript Bridge. This enhances the performance in contrast to React Native which uses the JavaScript Bridge.

5. Development Time

Flutter demands some piece of time in development as against its rival React Native. Flutter ensures superior usability but the development framework requires more credit over React Native.

React Native is one of the most trusted, well-known, and reliable cross-app development frameworks for creating the latest mobile applications. It is an exceptional tool as it minimizes the development time.

Quick Comparison: Flutter vs React Native 2020

FlutterReact Native
Popularity on GitHub81K stars83K
Native PerformanceExcellentExcellent
Hot ReloadingYesYes
User InterfaceThe applications that are built on flutter look perfect on the modern OS as they look on older versions of OSApplication components look just like native ones
Programming LanguagesDartJavaScript
Free and Open SourceFlutter is Free and open-source cross-app development framework.React Native is also a free and open-source cross-app development framework.
Developed ByGoogleFacebook
Quick Comparison: Flutter vs Native


So we completed a Flutter vs React Native 2020 comparison that was based on many factors like performance, development time, community support, features like hot reloading, etc. Both frameworks have its pros and cons. Both are being backed by giants like Google and Facebook.

Now, it totally depends on your business requirements that what actually your business wants? What’s your specialty and code of conduct within your business? If you are still confused which one will be in your pocket? Thanks for reading.

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