Google and YouTube ban climate denial ads

google climate change announcement

Google is making a major change to its advertising policy and will no longer allow ads for content that promotes climate change denialism.

Google announced its climate change policy that it would no longer allow content that promotes climate change denialism to be monetized. The policy changes apply to publishers, YouTube creators, and advertisers who cannot make money if they contradict well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of global warming (or other environmental issues).

Google sparks controversy with its new climate change denialism policy.

This is not a drill: Climate change ad ban is here

Google is preparing to crack down on climate change Deniers with new policies that will go into effect next month. The company’s spam-fighting algorithm and human moderation team use both algorithmic detections and subjective judgment when it comes to determining what content should be removed from their system.

The Google Ads team has announced in their blog that they are making a policy change in how advertisements appear on their platform. The company says this is because advertisers want to avoid having ads next to climate-denying content, not because creators or publishers don’t also feel similarly about misinformation being pushed through videos either way around the internet’s largest video streaming site – YouTube.

A step in the right direction, but more is needed

Google and YouTube’s new climate change policy is a step in the right direction, but social networks need to do more. In fact, misinformation about climate change has been present on these platforms for years despite their awareness of its effects — it’s time that we address this issue with stronger regulations or cease all together if necessary!

It’s time to take the fake news seriously. The reality of our accelerated existential threat is finally sinking in, and social media platforms are starting to wake up. But we need more than just rules if they want us all to survive: They must enforce them actively and consistently, or else everything will fall apart again.

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