Google Daydream Discontinued. Goodbye Daydream.

Google Daydream Discontinued
Google Daydream Discontinued. Goodbye Daydream

Google Daydream discontinued. Say no to Google Daydream. Google officially proclaimed that we are going to end the journey of Google Daydream. As far as Android 11 is concerned, there is no guarantee whether its OS will work with the headset or not.

Google DayDream, the virtual reality platform launched in 2016, is going to end and it won’t come along with updates or security patches.

What is Daydream Headset and Controller?

Well if you don’t know what is Daydream Headset and Controller, we will define these terms to you. Well, Daydream View is a headset and controller you can use to experience Virtual Reality.

Daydream VR software is no longer supported

Google has released the news in a statement on its support page,  where it states that “Daydream VR software is no longer supported.” The company clarifies that you may still be able to access the service and use it with compatible third-party applications but you will not receive any more software or security updates and it may not work correctly on some devices with Android 11 or later.

With Daydream, Google wanted to bring the virtual reality experience to users for a price of around the US $ 100 thanks to its Daydream View glasses, its first exclusive glasses. However, the project did not come to fruition, and Google announced in October 2019 that the Daydream VR program was not popular with consumers and would be ending soon. Weeks later, Google removed the Daydream View VR glasses from its online store, and the newly released Pixel 4 was not compatible with the Daydream service.

Why did Google kill daydream?

According to the Google representative,

“Over time, we noticed some clear limitations constraining smartphone VR from being a viable long-term solution.”

Google Representative

So, this was the reason why Google killed daydream.

Google wasn’t the first who discontinued its VR related stuff.

Google is not the only one that has discontinued something related to virtual reality. In June, Facebook also said goodbye to its Oculus Go glasses, the first virtual reality glasses launched by the social network in 2018. Facebook said that from next December 4, they would not accept Oculus applications or updates to applications within the store.

The company indicated that as of December 4, they will not accept Oculus applications or updates to applications within the store. They also added that they will not make any applications public after December 18, 2020. However, Facebook will continue to provide security patches and fixes to Oculus Go devices until 2022.


So, Putting our today’s topic “Google Daydream Discontinued”. So, if you are the person who loves Google VR technologies, then time will be tough for you. Let’s see what other things are going to end by these giants in the future. So, If you have any concerns, let us know. If you want to consult our services, give us a shout. We are all ears.

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