Use Google’s New WordPress Material Design Plugin To Build an Amazing Website – Say No To Coding

New WordPress material design plugin

Google has come up with a WordPress Material Design plugin version of its Material Design theme. Google’s Material Design plugin will allow website builders to mirror the tech-firm design on its first-party sites.

Google provides a plugin on WordPress allowing you to create your site in Material Design. As a reminder, this visual language created by the Mountain View firm differs slightly from Flat Design, since it proposes to add relief, depth, perspective as well as animations according to the user’s activities to enrich their experience.

Still, in the testing phase, the plugin is already available for download.

Material Design Plugin Offers Countless Customization Options

To start creating your WordPress website, the Material Design plugin offers different templates that are customizable according to your desires. In total, Google offers three themes on which it is possible to modify: the typography, the color palette, the size of the shapes as well as the style of your icons.

The plugin also works with the help of Material blocks,  which allow you to add elements such as buttons and CTAs, maps, contact forms and create custom layouts. The expansion module provides a block editing panel for easier handling.

The plugin allows the rapid construction of a site, with the key to an ergonomic interface without needing any development and coding concept. 

A full video tutorial is available to help you with your design.

How to install the Material Design plugin on WordPress?

You can install Material Design Plugin on WordPress with the following steps:

  • On WordPress, go to the admin panel of your dashboard and click on Plugins in the left side menu,
  • Click the Add button and search for Material Design
  • Click Install Now,
  • Once the installation is complete, click the Activate button.

Note that you will be offered a quick start guide to install the theme and customize it step by step.

What about Google influence?

The Google plugin allows many settings and customization options to enrich the user experience. At the same time, Internet users are more and more used to this type of design, which allows them to quickly understand the architecture of the website.

Conversely, this graphic style “à la Google” can raise questions about the limit imposed by Material Design and its rules, on the creativity of site designers. There then arises the risk of homogenized content which no longer manages to stand out from one another.

Anyway, Google is awaiting feedback from the plugin testers to better understand the needs and expectations of Material Design on WordPress.

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