Google to let Android users opt out of tracking, following Apple

Google to let Android users opt out of tracking, following Apple

App Tracking Transparency Android

Google app tracking transparency for android users

Google announced that they would be rolling out a feature that allows Android users to opt out of being tracked by advertisers on their smartphone apps. However, unlike competitor Apple, Google’s new option is not set as the default for all app installs. Instead, it must first be manually activated through an update released in late 2021, with developers no longer able to see your unique advertising ID if you have opted out from receiving personalized ads.

Google has just made essential strides towards protecting its user’s privacy rights following pressure from competitors like Apple, who backtracked after initially choosing against adding this type of functionality into iPhones last fall due to “business model reasons.” The search giant promised more updates are coming soon but wanted people to know about how powerful opting-in

Google is considering app tracking transparency for android users very seriously

Google is taking privacy more seriously than rivals with its new Android option to opt-out of tracking by advertisers. The company says it will become available in late 2021, and developers won’t be able to see a user’s advertising ID if they’ve declined personalized ads. Unlike the Apple feature, Google users have an option whether or not they want their data tracked when using apps on the phone, so this goes above what other tech companies are doing for consumer protection.

When did Apple announce the App Tracking Transparency feature?

Apple’s new mobile advertising policy will fundamentally change the way we use apps.

In an effort to improve transparency for consumers, Apple announced its App Tracking Transparency feature in April, which requires users to opt-in if they want their data collected by app developers and used for personalized ads.

The problem is that most people probably won’t consent as this means allowing advertisers access to information like age, gender, location, etc., something many view as a violation of privacy rights.

When Google's feature will roll out?

Google said that starting late 2021 and early 2022, developers’ Android 12 devices will be impacted due to Play services rollout changes; other phones with Google Play may also see potential impacts depending on when they were purchased or updated last.


What is Apple's App tracking transparency?

Apple’s latest update to their iOS software (14.5) includes the App Tracking Transparency feature, which lets you block apps from tracking your online activities by requiring that they ask for explicit permission before doing so.

This feature is a hugely essential and controversial privacy measure; without it, any app would be able to track what websites or social media sites you visit while using an iPhone – even if those URLs were not related to how the app was being used.

At all! Only after explicit permissions are granted will these third-party entities access this info about where YOU go on YOUR phone when THEY’RE NOT ON IT…

What is the transparency app?

You scan a product with your phone’s camera, and the Transparency app will tell you right away if it is accurate or fake. You can also find out more about where and when the item was made–just by scanning!

You now have this fantastic new technology at your fingertips: The transparency app. By simply scanning an enrolled product using your smartphone’s camera, any suspicious fakes are revealed instantly.

But that’s not all—the Transparency App may let you know even more information like videos from manufacturers explaining their process of making products; promotional deals on authentic goods nearby (and maybe other cool stuff too).

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