Home Automation

Is Your Home Smarter then You?

“Home automation is a step toward what is referred to as the “Internet of Things,” in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accessed remotely.”

This is the age of Internet of Things (IoT) and everything around us from industries to cars to coffee machines is becoming computer-generated each day.

To help you grow technologically, we give you a Home Automation system that links your “smart devices” to a “gateway” or “hub”, enabling you to control them even from a remote location. Home automation will help you to secure and maintain your property efficiently. From controlling the thermostat of your home to detecting leakages and unexpected break-ins, you can do it all with your phone wherever you are!

“The number of internet connected “things” already exceeded our population back in 2008. By 2020 this number is expected to reach 50 billion. A whopping $19 trillion is anticipated as cost-savings and profits from this investment.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) does not only facilitate homes but it assists businesses too. With the help of IoT, a business can enable itself to develop a stronger relationship with its customers and magnify its operational quality to increase its competitiveness in the market.

Internet of Things is expanding business opportunities in various industries. IoT leads to greater sales of products and services as it adds value through its innovations and better customer service.

“IoT smart devices have a deeper penetration in manufacturing, healthcare, and business than in our homes or phones. By 2025 the global worth of IoT tech is projected at $6.2 trillion, with the maximum value from healthcare ($2.5 trillion) and manufacturing ($2.3 trillion).”

If you are a business that is willing to automate its business resources or an individual who is eager to bring convenience to your life then IoT is the answer. We facilitate home automation services to let you take advantage of the IoT technology to have an easier life. Having a smart home enables you to take full control of your assets even when you are away.

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