How Much Money Do Apps Make Per Ad?

How Much Money Do Apps Make Per Ad?
How Much Money Do Apps Make Per Ad?

How much money do apps make per ad? Right? Is it your question? Well, this is difficult to answer this question; first, we need to understand what mobile app advertising is?

What is Mobile App Advertising in simple words?

It is also called in-app advertising where developers get a chance to place some advertisements to monetize his application to earn good money. Mobile app advertising not only helps developers of applications to get money but also helps the ad advertiser to grab the targeted audience at the right time.

A developer can place various kinds of ads into the application like rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, offerwall ads, banner ads, and playable ads. Each unit ad has different behavior as far as monetization is concerned.

Our question “how much money do apps make per ad” depends on some other factors such as:

  • What is the genre of the mobile application? (Let’s discuss your business mobile application)
  • Demographic factor (means from which country your users are coming)
  • Different countries have different ad value.

So, Our Main Question was How much money do apps make per ad?

The money apps make per ad is based on the genre of the application and the users of the application from which country their users are using it. For example, the users from the US will give you $0.02 revenue per impression while other countries will give you different amounts of money as far as revenue per impression is concerned.


How many apps are available in free of cost?

Almost 97% of apps that are available in play store costs you nothing. It’s totally free of cost to use them.

How much money do apps make per download?

If you talk about android apps, the money android apps make per download is around 2 cents, while apple developers generate 5 times greater revenue per download as compared to android.

How much money a thousand download app can make?

If your app has 10k downloads and around 30% active base, you will definitely make 30k sessions a month. So, there you have approximately 100k screen views/month. With one ad in each screen view and approx. 0.5% CTR, you will make 5k clicks. And one thing more to keep in mind is from where your audience is coming from, you will be making approx. 100$ to $250 every month.

How free apps make money?

Free apps make money from in-app actions, in-app purchases, and advertisements and there are some other sources for developers to make money from their applications.


So, that’s we have completed our today’s topic and saw what are the methods from which a mobile application can earn. However, these aren’t the only ways from where your mobile app can make money. There are other numerous ways for application to make money.

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