How our Mobile App Development Process Help us Deliver Apps Successfully

In today’s high-tech world, people constantly seek quick and smart ways for doing various things and prefer mobile apps. Mobile apps offer 24/7 access to customers, connect them promptly, increase customer satisfaction, give more control, don’t require high costs, and ultimately escalate scales. Thus, it is a must-have for all businesses!

Mobile App Development Process

Intelvue makes sure that its ardent enthusiasts utterly fulfill the needs of their clients for producing the called-for Mobile Apps by completing each stage of the app development process devotedly. Also, we believe that healthy conversations with clients can lead to the success of a project. The more they communicate, the more we’ll be able to assist them.

Here’s how we build brilliant apps!

Project Requirement Analysis

We begin with providing consultation to our clients and discuss with them their budget, timeline, list of features, users and goals of the app, and the kind of app they want (Android, iOS, or web apps). Our brainy team of developers, designers, and engineers analyzes the project meticulously. Next, we do market research to reveal the market’s true interest and identify competitors, after which our team provides recommendations for your app development.

Wireframing of the App

Once our team apprehends the project requirements thoroughly, it proceeds to wireframing. Wireframes help designers finalize the app’s user experience. Our team starts designing wireframes by sketching out the idea on paper and then draws the digital vision of your app using App Wireframes. It analyzes your app concept and uses wireframe design tools to create wireframes.

UX/UI Design

Having an app that looks and feels good is very important to users. So, we work hard on the aesthetics and features of the apps and construct user-friendly and visually appealing UX/UI designs. The app design workforce uses engaging fonts, captivating colors, interactive graphics, exceptional layouts, etc to give your app a fascinating look. Using mobile app tools like Adobe XD, Figma, and Adobe Photoshop, we make sample screens according to their tastes for an interactive experience.

System Design

As soon as the app design process ends, the developers get down to bring everything into action. The development team chooses a technology stack. They select the type of platform which will suit the app’s development needs. Native app, web app, and cross-platform app/hybrid app are the three platforms in the sector of development.

Development & Testing

It is vital for us to ensure that even first-time users can maneuver through the app easily. The developers work on the front-end and back-end technologies of the app to make it interactive. Once the app is created, a team tests its performance, usability, compatibility, interface checks, and security. Our QA engineers organize various test cases for any bugs and errors in the app. They efficiently check and confirm if the app is ready to be launched.

Launching the App

The app launching stage is a crucial one. We make sure the finished product meets our client’s needs. When our team is done with testing, it launches the app. Then, we assist clients with uploading the app to the App Store and Play Store. After deploying the app on the respective platforms and web servers, our team monitors your app’s usage via the mobile analytics platform and measures its success.


App maintenance is as essential as app development. We know that people prefer apps that regularly release new versions, fix bugs reported by them, and add requested features. And, since every app needs new features and technological updates; therefore, after the initial launch of the app, we keep on adding and updating features and functionalities in the app for a better user experience.

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