How To Choose An Industry-Specific ERP Solution Wisely

Industry-specific ERP solution

Hold on you are very close to finding how to choose an industry-specific ERP solution.

Do you suspect that the same manual processes are performed in several different places in the company? You are guaranteed not to be alone. Therefore, there are also a number of smart customizations that can help you optimize data flow, so you get a more efficient and specific ERP system – tailored to your particular industry. This is what you should look for.

Industry-Specific ERP Solution has everything for you

No matter what industry you belong to, an ideal industry-specific ERP solution can simplify your business activities in your company- not only by giving you a better overview and control but also by making internal collaboration smoother. That way, your chances of saving both time and money also increase.

In addition to being able to make decisions faster, and efficient data flow across departments will also simplify things such as budgeting, forecasting, and tracking. In short, the risk is low that you will make a failed ERP investment with the right help.

Each Industry Needs Different ERP-Solution

But despite the fact that there are many obvious advantages to an effective ERP system, each industry also needs different functionality – and not least its own requirements for what a good business solution should contain. You may therefore want to investigate what specific solutions exist for your particular industry. The benefits of an industry-specific solution are many.

Five Steps to An Efficient and Industry-Specific ERP Solution

  1. Before you start the work of adapting the business solution and the ERP system, it is important that you have mapped out the different processes that are performed in each individual part of the business. If you have a full overview here, it will also be much easier to see where you can save time and resources – and which adaptations will give you the greatest benefit.
  2. If you systematize this overview, it will also be easier to prepare a clear structure for which tasks fall to each individual role in the company. The clearer this structure is, the easier the task of making work processes and data flows more streamlined.
  3. Once you have come this far, you also have a unique opportunity to look at which of the business processes can be adapted to the system you are using. Sometimes it can be much easier to make small adjustments in a work process, rather than adapting the entire business system. The more you can solve with a standard approach, the better.
  4. However, you do not have to be afraid to use subject systems. Add the work tasks to the system that can solve them in the best possible way, so that all employees can perform them easily and efficiently. With the available integrations, all necessary information will be quickly and easily transferred to the ERP system, so you always have a full overview.
  5. If you have all this in place, the chances are good that you will succeed in getting an efficient and profitable ERP system. A great way to find out what exactly you need to take your business to the next level is to compare the current situation with where you wish you were. What does it take for the business to rise there – and how can the business system contribute to this?

So, Got It?

The list is a long of smart adaptations tailored for both property managers, contractors, trade and wholesale, industry, and everyone who deals with subscription management. Also, there are several other ERP solutions for everything from advanced resource planning to simpler time, service, and maintenance systems.
No matter which industry you belong to, a custom ERP system can help you get all the key data into the system in a clear way, so you can utilize them quickly and efficiently. If you have good control of the pipeline and outstanding accounts receivable, it will also be much easier to be on the offensive and think long-term.

Find Out What Will Give You the Biggest Benefit

Although a standard Industry-Specific ERP solution will solve a lot for your business. So, you do not need to be afraid to use specialized professional systems for that reason – on the contrary, this can give you a great advantage.
If you get good help in mapping which processes are to be covered, and which integrations you may be dependent on, the chances will increase that your business hits the mark with the new ERP system.

Intelvue will provide Industry-Specific ERP Solutions

Intelvue‘s ERP developers and engineers have extensive experience in optimizing ERP processes that are unique to different industries and companies. A customized industry-specific ERP solution can consist of everything from specially-adapted components to a complete industry solution tailored to your specific needs – and we of course assist you with all professional and technical consultation in connection with integrations, installation, and support.

Do you think an industry-specific ERP solution is for you? Get in touch and we will help you find the best solution for your particular business.

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