How To Market Blockchain Services

The innovative database technology, Blockchain, no doubt provides exceptional services including accuracy, safety, autonomy, and safety for use cases in multiple industries such as finance, insurance, voting, gaming, healthcare, energy & utility, and more! Despite its umpteen comforts and benefits, it is still struggling to pull off its standing. Nevertheless, many companies are inclined toward adopting this technology and making efforts to make it global so that investors can get benefited from its services.

Blockchain technology solutions are a bit difficult to inspect. Plus, they require you to spend a good sum of money. And that ultimately becomes an obstacle in inviting big investors. However, it is still possible to catch the eye of investors, but for that, you need to Put Extra Effort!

If you already have a start-up idea and want to attain investors’ attention to take your idea to new levels, here I’m presenting you some tips that you could follow to victoriously master the blockchain industry.

  • Develop a Groovy Website

All the flourishing businesses have websites that are built with excellency. So, the first thing that you’re going to do is design a website that is simple, easy to use, and visually creative.

Keeping in mind your blockchain service’s goals and the values that it offers, make a mission and vision statement in the ‘About Us’ section. Plus, mention every feature that your website possesses and let people know how different you are! Additionally, you can add videos to give clients a better understanding.

Your clients might have some queries regarding your blockchain startup, and for that, you should include your contact details, too. Further, let clients know your background, solutions you provide, token details, etc., by adding related information.

  • Hire A Professional to Write for Your Business

A lot of investors don’t usually visit social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They tend to read and visit Forbes or other business magazines or websites. So, if you too want them to get captivated by your startup, then hiring someone that will professionally write for your idea is the best option. This way your business will be get noticed by many. An intelligible and short content that highlights your startup’s specialties will win big investors.

  • Join Hands With an Influencer

Influencers play a vital part in the branding of a product or service. If you want someone to support your idea, then collaborate with an influencer. An influencer doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be a celebrity but a writer that is credible and possesses sound knowledge regarding blockchain technology plus cryptocurrency. They will write about your startup idea besides, create interview-style clips with them.

  • Make the Most of Social Media Platforms

Besides posting content and videos created with the help of the hired influencer on diverse social media platforms, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media channels for posting. There, you can advertise your business and engage innumerable humans by posting about your idea including the white paper, and the content and videos created with the help of the hired influencer.

  • Let Explorers Learn From Your Blogs & Articles

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing various sectors including business and finance. Yet, still, many visitors don’t even know about its basics and are unaware of its merits and how it operates. So, to provide them with the concerned knowledge, produce blogs or publish articles containing information that explicitly explains everything from its basics to its real-world applications!   

  • Publish a White Paper

To aid in educating your visitors, provide them authentic details by sharing a white paper, e-book, or any other technical information. In the white paper, you can guide people on how to understand an issue and make a decision by demonstrating a problem together with its solution. This can significantly help investors to collect every piece of information unambiguously.

The white paper can be published directly on your website in the blog section, and on various social media channels including LinkedIn.

Assure them what you’re providing is reliable. That way they’ll be confident in gaining information from your website, considering it trustworthy.

  • Connect With Like-Minded Individuals

A great number of blockchain enthusiasts exist who love to interact and learn about this technology on social media platforms and forums such as Redditand Telegram. Connect with them by producing new content and publishing it on such forums.

  • Optimize Your Website for High Ranking

SEO optimization plays a crucial role in the success or failure of a business. It helps amplify your website’s ranking in search engines and increase its traffic. So, to draw the attention of people, you need to optimize your website. And for this, first, you have to make sure that your blockchain site is speedy and accessible, especially for those who use mobile phones. It should be easily navigated. Its content should be unique, original, and of high quality. Plus, add keywords that will help elevate your website. Moreover, add backlinks from credible sources to magnify your site’s originality.

  • Use Bounty Advertising

Crypto and NFT groups are always in search of fresh and ingenious projects. And this opens doors for bounty advertising. Smart contacts can be used to reward customers for the completion of assigned tasks such as translating a white paper into another language or sharing and promoting your projects through social media channels. Other advertising options include paid advertisements like Google AdWords, FacebookAds, etc.

  • Introduce Rewarding Programs

Multiple companies turn their followers into trusted agents for expanding their business awareness and reward their loyal clients with bounty campaigns. You can also create such a campaign, by choosing platforms such as BountyHive and rewarding your loyal customers for helping your business prosper.

  • Frequently Publish About It

If you are willing to spread brand awareness among a wider audience, then use social media to share time and again your most recent developments, articles related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, or host a Q/A session to keep your customers engaged. At that, post along with your company’s logo and relevant hashtags, too!

Closing Thoughts

Blockchain technology is remarkably changing the way different businesses work. Woefully, its worth and influence cannot be appreciated by many, unless it is marketed appropriately. To help it reach a massive audience, you can apply the above-discussed tips. Meanwhile, have patience unless you achieve your desired target!

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