The Safest and Most Reliable Online Payment Methods for Ecommerce 2021

Online Payment Methods for Ecommerce 2020
Online Payment Methods for Ecommerce 2020

If you are thinking of forming an online business, or you already have one, you may be wondering which are the safest and most reliable online payment methods for ecommerce. 

In the world of digital marketing there are always advances and things that change so being aware of the latest news will always help you move forward. Let’s see which are the safest payment processors in 2020. 

6 Best Online Payment Methods for ECommerce in 2021

When it comes to selling, you don’t have to skimp on resources, for yourself, and for your customer. He must always receive the best user experience and have the simplest tools to facilitate transactions. The new eCommerce solutions that keep emerging and improving, really appear for that. Here is the list of 6 best online payment methods that you can count on in your business: 

1. Amazon Pay

Amazon doesn’t like to lose. We know that and the sales giant has proven it, struggling to become the movie giant, and now also an excellent payment platform. Well, there is no doubt that taking advantage of its reputation will be a point of trust for your clients that will attract them to your business. 

Integrating Amazon Pay with your website is easily customizable thanks to the fact that it is based on API, so just by adding a free plugin, you would have it all done. Masterly! And the best? It is available on all devices and its response capacity is one of the fastest on the network. 

2. We Pay

We Pay is one of the most complete payment platforms you can find as it has impressive adaptability. Whether you have complex payment requests such as those with multiple payers or even crowdfunding campaigns, We Pay is ready for it all. 

It adapts to national and international businesses and has a fast and effective support center for companies where they will answer any questions and solve any problem that may arise. 

3. PayPal

We couldn’t talk about payment processors without talking about PayPal which has become the giant of payments around the world. In fact, it was one of the pioneering platforms in online payments, and its years of experience and good work have allowed many eCommerce services to trust it even today. Why is it so effective?

  • Offers a 44% higher conversion. 
  • Offers fraud protection. 
  • It has live support. 
  • Paypal is adaptable to your business. 
  • It has several versions in payment solutions. 
  • To use it you just have to add a button on your PayPal website. In 10 minutes!

Without a doubt, it is a consolidated platform that offers peace of mind to you, and above all, to the client. 

4. Dwolla

Dwolla payment platform came out strong, and continues to do so! It has everything you need so that you don’t need any other payment method. It allows accepting bank payments and has shopping cart plugins and web integration. 

The best part is that you carry out transactions on the same day and do not have the typical fees of other payment processors. He defines himself on his website as a lover of security, which he describes as ‘his DNA’. 

5. Worldpay

This platform is useful for companies of all kinds, of the size that sen. It offers the option of monthly payment, automated invoices, card updates, live support, customizable loyalty cards, etc. Features you didn’t even know you needed, but when you do, you won’t be able to live without. 

6. Stripe

Stripe is the payment processor of the greats like Pinterest, Slack, and OpenTable for example. Why is it? Undoubtedly because its payment applications are considered the most secure on the market, as well as easy and fast to configure. It has very attractive extras for you and the client, such as direct purchases from social networks or the saving of card information so that with just one click, the purchase is made. 

Its Sigma service will be of great use to you as it allows you to view sales data and analysis in real-time and offers you relevant information to improve operations and increase the efficiency of your business. 

These are some of the safest payment processors of 2020. There is no doubt that payment processors are the mainstay of all eCommerce because, without billing and accounting, there would be no financial structure of the online store. Some software is well known and well-established, others that are going strong, but many of them will be a safe choice. Do you already have your favorite?

So, These are the Online Payment Methods for ECommerce Websites

So, these are the safest and best online payment methods for your eCommerce websites in 2020. All of these online payment methods have unique features, characteristics, it is totally up to you which online payment method is the best suite for your eCommerce store. If you want to remodel your existing eCommerce website, we’re all ears.

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