Search Results: Be Ready for “Google News Showcase”.

Search Results: Be Ready for Google “News Showcase”
Search Results: Be Ready for Google “News Showcase”

The giant corporation of the web Google announced on Thursday that they are launching the “Google News Showcase”, a $1 billion product, which is an incredible thing for journalists.

What is the Google News Showcase?

Google News Showcase is a new news experience that launches in late 2020. Google News Showcase encourages cooperating journalists to share their mastery and column voice via an improved storytelling event. This experience will help the users to go further into more sophisticated stores.

What are the features of the Google News Showcase?

We are listing some of the groundbreaking features of Google News Showcase below down:

  • More perspective from publishers
  • A timeline of events
  • Bottomless understanding with key bullet points
  • Relevant blogs and articles

In an announcement, Google says:

“These panels provide striving publishers with the capability to pack the stories that appear within Google’s news products, giving in-depth storytelling and more context through features such as timelines, bullets, and related articles.

Google’s announcement

Who will use News Showcase?

This Google feature will create a new and creative way for journalism. As per Google’s statement, News Showcase will give benefits to both publishers and users.

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Google’s Agreement

Google has reached an agreement with some 200 publications in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Also, the multinational will pay the media for “high quality” content that will appear through its new product, available today in Brazil and Germany. In the coming months, it will be extended to the rest of the countries already mentioned; subsequently, it will do so to India, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The contents that are created through the new platform will initially appear only on devices with the Android operating system. In the long run, they will also be available through the Google News service on Apple’s iOS. Google’s motto is to access the content via a search engine and its specialized content services.

CEO of Google

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, announced that the idea of ​​the company is that in the future it will also be possible to access the content through the standard search engine Google Search and its specialized content service, Google Discover.

This bet could help the company to get closer and improve its relationship with the information industry. In recent years, several media have accused Google of taking advantage of their content to gain online traffic, without paying for them.


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