Artificial Intelligence

Let the Machines do the Talking!

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the compound annual growth rate for global spending on AI will be 50.1%, reaching $57.6 billion by 2021. This is thanks to investments in retail, banking, healthcare and manufacturing, which will make up over half of the worldwide spending on AI.

This is the era of IoT and we have been competitively working with AI AS A SERVICE (AIaaS) in our former projects. With our continuous research with iterations, we ensure to make use of the Artificial Intelligence to bring ease to your business.

AI is growing rapidly day by day and it is bringing revolutionary changes to various industries by streamlining their work-processes. According to Adobe “Investment into AI startups by venture capitalists has soared sixfold since 2000”

AI reduces the over-head costs that businesses incur in performing their regular administrative tasks that use man-power. Industries are now investing in setting up a machine-oriented production process as it cuts costs, saves time and generates greater profits.

“The Three Most in-demand Skills on are Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).”

Our team has talented and efficient software engineers and machine learning practitioners. Intelvue offers a wide range on AI services for its clients like:

Machine learning

If you are willing to empower your business with machine learning then you are at the right place! Machine learning modifies your IT resources (machines) in a way that they are able to supply data for for self-learning similar to humans. We provide our customers with machine learning tools that can ease the tiring and complicated procedures of their business like interpreting complex information, observing trends and their identification.


We specialize in designing super advanced AI-powered chatbots that have the ability to read and interpret human behaviour. AI-digital virtual agents or chatbots are highly beneficial for a business as they are efficiently supportive when it comes to perform various tasks and they enhance the experience of the customers too.

Natural Language Processing

We assist our clients to introduce latest technologies into their business to upgrade their level of business activity. Our highly efficient team specializes in providing Natural Language Processing technology to our clients that makes the machines to interpret the sentiments of the people based on what they speak or write and enables the machines to take appropriate actions according to those interpretations.

Virtual decision management and brainstorming

Our team specializes in making powerful knowledge virtualization systems for your business to help you to choose an appropriate database to make right decisions for your business. Our design management solutions are specifically designed based on AI technology that helps you to take the right decisions for your business based on reliable predictive and algorithmic systems.

Predictive Analysis

We also provide you with predictive analysis solutions that with the magic of AI have the ability to predict the conditions of the market sales and consumer patterns and helps you in utilizing your resources accordingly

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