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Augmented Reality (AR) app development services might not be as thrilling as virtual reality. Regardless, it is becoming a valuable tool in our daily lives. According to Greenlight Insight Report: “revenue for augmented reality devices and content will hit a massive $ 36.4 billion in 2023. That is 11 times higher than the estimated $36.4 billion in revenue in 2019”.

AR is becoming popular

Ranging from the filters on social-media, to medical procedures; AR is speedily becoming popular as it brings virtual features, into the real world. Augmented Reality refers to the fascinating technologies that put the objects of the virtual world into the real world using a phone’s camera and lets the user have a real-life experience of those virtual objects through their screen.

Augmented Reality App Development Services

A recent example of Augmented Reality AR technology is the Pokémon Go game by Nintendo (2016) that enabled the users to chase the characters in the video game in real-life through their phone’s screens.

Intelvue is a leading augmented reality app development company highly equipped with the latest augmented reality resources to bring the real-life-view of your business idea to the palm of your customer’s hand. This will not only give detailed information to your customers regarding your products or services but will also increase your sales turnover as people believe what they see in real!

At Intelvue, we use 3d modeling and illustrations to design a visual eye candy that reflects your ideas and dreams which would add more attraction to your business. Try out our next-gen augmented reality app development services.

Augmented Reality Company

Our Augmented Reality Company also provides the best-augmented reality app development services as well as the toolbox to facilitate software houses that are willing to create advanced Augmented Reality AR solutions to various other market segments. If you are willing to increase the sales and profit of your business through using the oomph of augmented reality then we are here to meet the virtual wall between the digital and the real world for the good of your business.

Let’s enable augmented reality services into your business

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