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Are You in the Cloud Now?

Cloud computing refers to the storage and accessibility of programs and data over the internet rather than in the hard drive of your computer. In a market with floating prices, setting up a business with a reliable management system could be a challenging task. But, hang in there, we have got this!

“By 2020, at least 35% of new product-centric ERP deployments in large enterprises will be software as a service (SaaS) loosely integrated with on-premise manufacturing execution systems (MES)” – GARTNER.

We offer cloud-based solutions with a highly secured environment for your business depending on your requirements. We incorporate Software As A Service (SaaS) approach in our mobile and web products that are integrated with cloud servers.

SaaS enables the clients to use their software applications from any part of the world through the website browser as we host applications and the data related to them efficiently at your remote location.

This tactic has been enabling us to provide maximum utility to our clients’ with SaaS based backends on mobile (Android/IOs) and web applications. This includes Customer Relation Management (CRM), Data Management, Invoicing, Marketing Automation and much more.

The key to success for a digital business nowadays are undoubtedly the “public cloud solutions”. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform are considered to be the industry-leading-solutions for enterprises.

AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform propose almost alike basic proficiencies like flexible compute, storage and networking. They three share the collective features of a public cloud: self-service, prompt provisioning, auto-scaling, with security and identity management features.

Intelvue provides AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to its valuable clients to help them achieve their technological aims.

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