Telegram tops most downloaded apps, Signal in ambush

With 63 million downloads, Telegram dominates WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

Telegram pulls out of the game and takes advantage of WhatsApp’s misadventures. Many users have chosen to turn away from the Facebook group-owned app following the announcement of the privacy policy change.

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The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others 

As a result, according to Sensor Tower , Telegram was propelled to the top of the most downloaded applications in January 2021 (without taking games into account).

It is ahead of TikTok, Signal, and Facebook with 63 million downloads. This is 3.8 times more than in January 2020, so it is a very good progression. Note that Telegram ranks first on the Google Play Store, but only fourth on the Apple AppStore. 

We can also salute the very good performance of Signal instant messaging, which ranks second on the Play Store ahead of the social media giants TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Telegram tops most downloaded apps