Top B2B eCommerce Trends That You Should Look Out For

Top B2B eCommerce Trends
Top B2B eCommerce Trends

Latest B2B ECommerce Statistics 2020

According to Frost & Sullivan B2B ecommerce statistics 2020, B2B eCommerce sales will touch the heights of trillions approximately, $6.6 trillion in 2020. This has surpassed the business-to-consumer (B2C) value at $3.2 trillion by 2020. And if we look at the b2b ecommerce sales in the United States, this value will be $1.9 trillion in sales by that time. These numbers are crystal clear that b2b and digital commerce is seeing its peak, and there are more top b2b ecommerce trends we will see in upcoming months and years.

If you are an online business owner or eCommerce website manager, you must have an eye on top b2b ecommerce trends in order to keep your online store updated with these latest b2b ecommerce trends.

COVID-19 has change consumer behavior

Coronavirus (COVID-19 Pandemic) has changed consumer behavior so dramatically that each and every dedicated entrepreneur and online store owner should spend their time keeping up to date themselves with the latest and newest technologies, b2b tools, and techniques, and also the most recent studies on consumer behavior. 

Why should you keep yourself updated with B2B eCommerce trends?

If you keep yourself updated with the latest b2b ecommerce trends, then it will be easy to understand modern consumers and easy to reach them. To keep yourself updated with these digital commerce trends, I will be telling you the top 5 b2b ecommerce trends that you should look out for in 2020 and the future. These trends will help you out on how to satisfy the satisfaction of modern consumers who are affected by the pandemic of COVID-19. Let’s dive into it.

Think like a customer

We have curated this blog for those ecommerce businesses that deal with B2B transactions. There is very little chance that your customers will be browsing the internet to find new changes in the field of electronic commerce. They barely spend their time learning new stuff about the latest eCommerce tools. On the other hand, if your customers or clients are businesses, then the case is slightly different than the previous one. These clients will also be striving for integrating the new tools for their eCommerce business. Besides, they will also look out for the latest B2B eCommerce trends to up to date their business activities. If you are a b2b enterprise and planning to sell your products and services to a customer, then start thinking like a customer.

Thanks to those online private companies and organizations who thinks like a customer to give a benefit to organizations like you. They conduct thorough researches, surveys, and releases the outcomes and consequences of these researches.

To help you make notable standing in the competition, we have gathered the outcomes of those researches and eCommerce statistics from many resources. Feel free to take inspiration from our list of top b2b eCommerce trends.

List of Top B2B ECommerce Trends

1. Rise of Content Marketing

The ninth annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America report comprises some interesting eCommerce market statistics, a result of thorough research of three organizations. 

According to the surveys, many B2B marketers expected an increase in their 2019 budget. 34% B2B marketers expected a 1% to 10% increase in their budget and 16% were expecting an increase in their budgets more than 10%.

Only 4% of surveyed B2B marketers expected a decrease in their budgets. This is very clear that content marketing is getting increased day by day in terms of every sense.

So, what these reports mean to your b2b business? It’s clearly saying that you must have a solid content marketing strategy along with a good content marketing budget. Otherwise, your competitors will capture your market share as soon as possible.

2. A Huge Emphasis on User Experience

A B2B eCommerce report from a consulting firm specializing in user experience says that user experience has become the most dominant aspect of b2b eCommerce than ever before.

One of their statistics showed that the ratio of personalized experience from companies to its users increased from 4% to 88% in just 7 seven years.

Customer experience has brought a lot of changes, innovations for b2b ecommerce businesses. Only those b2b businesses would survive who will provide a great user experience; otherwise, online consumers won’t give any special hospitality.

3. Growing Expectations on Customer Personalization

As B2B eCommerce is growing exponentially, expectations on customer personalization are also rising day by day. Even that, customer personalization has changed the digital commerce models dramatically.

According to research, 50% of B2B buyers bought their items from that online shopping stores who provided them a more personalized way of shopping as compared to other ecommerce stores.

Now, how you can give better personalization options to your B2B buyers? I will show you some good personalization features.

  • Services based on customer location
  • Give recommendations based on their historic purchases 
  • Follow-up emails or personalized newsletter based on customer behavior 
  • User-friendly eCommerce website (If you’d like to have a before purchase technical support or consultancy related to eCommerce development and integration feel free to contact us)

Be Ready to Deal with Uncertainty

As we discussed how content marketing is rising day by day, B2B eCommerce business owners are trying to give a better customer experience, and trying to give better customer personalization. 

If you are a person associate with the b2b eCommerce business, then these top b2b eCommerce trends are more than enough to tell you that don’t underestimate these trends otherwise you will lose big opportunities. To survive in the b2b world, you must consider these latest b2b eCommerce trends to compete with your competitors. Stay tuned with us. Thank you for reading our blog.

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