What feature is required to track customer search terms on a website?

What Feature is Required to Track Customer Search Terms on a Website

One of the essential features that a website owner can have is to track what people are searching for on their site. This allows you to see what people want and how they want it. This article will discuss what feature is required to track customer search terms on a website.

The best way to track customer search terms is by using the “Site Search” feature of Google Analytics. This feature will allow you to see what queries people are inputting on your website so that you can provide them with relevant information in return.

What is a site search in Google Analytics?

Site Search has many applications, but the most common one, of course, is querying a website’s content. It can be used to find out what people are looking for on your business’ webpage and gain insight into how they found it.

What does the "site search" feature do in Google Analytics?

 In short, this feature lets you see which keywords or search terms visitors type when they use their browser’s text box to enter something like ‘weather,’ or let them select items from an autocomplete dropdown menu with things we already know about that topic – such as ‘temperature.’

How site search feature is helpful for your website?

The site search feature is an essential part of your user experience (UX). Understanding what people are searching for on your website gives you ideas about how to optimize the content, improve navigation menus, and more.

Set up Site Search

See how users search your site.

Site Search, a tool that lets you see how your visitors engaged with your site’s search function. It tracks which terms they searched for and whether or not their searches led to deeper engagement on your website.

Find out more about site search here.

What can you track using Site Search?

By setting up site search tracking through Google Analytics, you can collect information about:

  • what people are searching for on your site, and how they want it.
  • which pages customers land on after entering their search terms.
  • the number of visits by keyword referral from Google or other external sites.
  • what percentage of visitors who came to your website with a specific phrase completed the desired action (bought product, fill out a lead form, etc.).
  • where potential opportunities exist in optimizing conversion rates based on unique language searched and bounce rate analysis related to those keywords/phrases. – when you should make changes to landing page content explicitly targeted at that group of words typed into Google’s search engine box!
  • You can determine search destination pages , which are pages that customers visit after performing a search
  • You can also track what search terms they use to find your site, so you know what keywords and phrases have the most potential for SEO success.
  • The feature is required for many organizations as a way of ensuring their content gets found by audiences who may not be aware of it.

This information will help you to better serve your audience by filling the gaps in their searches.

You can take advantage of the site search report to improve your marketing efforts. You may be able to identify new keywords in order for you to increase conversions as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What feature is required to send data from a web connected device to Google Analytics?

The Measurement Protocol enables you to send data from your web-connected device (like a point of sale system) directly into Google Analytics.

What data are Google Analytics goals unable to track?

Google Analytics cannot track lifetime value. The Lifetime Value report, which lets you understand the full ROI of a customer in your business based on their performance over time, is not able to be tracked through goals

Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?

If you want to know who is sending traffic your way, then the “All Traffic Report” section of Google Analytics can tell you. From there, just go under the Acquisition tab and click on Referrals. That will give a list of all websites that are bringing in visitors for your website – no matter how they arrived at it!

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