What to expect from Flutter and Dart in the future?

Future of Flutter and Future of Dart
What to expect from Flutter and Dart in the future?

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What is the future of Flutter? or What is the future of Dart?

Technology advancement has made tremendous revolution and changes in the world. In the case of web and mobile application development, Flutter and Dart have made life much easier. People can easily develop web applications, android apps, and desktop applications using Flutter and Dart. In order to know what to expect from Flutter and Dart in the future, let us discuss first what Flutter and Dart actually are.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an UI software development kit used to develop software applications for iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Google Fuchsia, Mac, and multiple webs from only a single code base. The major benefit of Flutter is that it is an open-source software development kit and everyone can easily use it. It is written in C, C++, and Dart. It was initially released in May 2017 with the codename “Sky” and has become very popular among the users.

What is Flutter – Future of App Development

Is Flutter the Future of Mobile Development?

Yes. Flutter framework is great for android application development because it offers a wide variety of features to develop very beautiful and attractive mobile applications within a user-friendly manner. It saves time, money, and provides better results in a more effective manner. This framework also offers to develop native apps for both iOS and Android. Flutter’s single codebase works effectively in native services and APIs. Moreover, the main advantage of using Flutter is cross-platform support with the help of this feature, the same codebase can be easily used for multiple platforms such as Web, iOS, Android, and Desktop.

What is Dart?

What is Dart? Does Dart have future in App Development?

Dart is a programming language that is used in Flutter for the purpose of web development.  It enables Flutter to make the software application in a better native way. This programming language was first released in October 2011 and was initially used by Google to build servers, mobile applications, and web. It became much popular after the announcement of Flutter launch by Google.

Is Dart the Future of Mobile Development?

Dart is a very user-friendly programming language that can be easily understood by beginners and fresh programmers with little effort. It mainly focuses on mobile app development which has a bright future due to technological and communication advancement. Programmers can easily use the Dart programming language and Flutter platform to quickly develop multiple mobile software applications in a very short time.

Many fresh programmers are interested to learn the Dart language due to its similarity with Java and some other basic programming languages. It helps to increase the software development productivity rate of programmers and web developers which is the main cause of its bright future because every programmer desires to develop and program their software in minimum possible time which could be operated in multiple frameworks.

Dart similarity with other common languages like TypeScript, C language, and Java has made it much easier for the programmers to understand Dart. It has an extremely powerful syntax that helps the developers for easy maintenance in the future, makes changes very easily, and in addition allows heterogeneous changes in future according to new requirements.


So, what to expect from Flutter and Dart in the Future? Do they both have any future? Yes, of course. Giants like Facebook and Google are supporting their technologies with the latest stack of technologies, options, and features and updating their technology very frequently. So don’t worry. if you want to find the answer to this question “is flutter worth learning in 2020?” yes, it is worth reading in 2020 and beyond.

And, if you are dealing with mobile app development and thinking about “is flutter good for android?” or “does flutter work on iOS and android?”, then I will say “yes” again. Both Flutter and Dart have a bright future in the mobile app development field. So stick around with these technology bombs.

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